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FAQIs life coaching for me?

The fact that you have got this far in this website implies that something inside you is interested in the concept of coaching.  A little voice down inside acknowledging a desire for help perhaps; being silenced by your ego trying to maintain a no-changes continuity.  Whoa!  Life coaching is outside my comfort zone - objection, objection!  In an effort to earn your continued interest in a productive working relationship, I have put together the following FAQ.  I have designed it to help you get more comfortable with the idea of working with a professional life coach.

When I work with a new client I like to establish "What are your objectives with the coaching relationship?" Honestly establishing what you want and what is important to you. We then look at "What get's in the way?".  We understand "What we can count on you for?", what you bring to the table.  Finally we determine how you would like to be different after eight weeks of working together. This framework forms the basis of a powerful relationship.

Be sure to work with an experienced coach. I hope you find this area useful. Explore-away!

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