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Living Passionately

How to be more passionate in Life

Over the past fifteen years I have continued to evolve and hone my life coaching methodologies. Around ten years ago I realised that the underlying themes of many of my life coaching sessions were Passion, Purpose, and Peace. I liked the alliteration, and Passion, Purpose and Peace became the strapline to my various communications.

But what do I mean by Passion, Purpose and Peace? And how might these three words be useful in taking a good look at how you are walking YOUR journey through life?

Let's explore PASSION.

People often call up and offer an initial account of their life situation. Adjectives like stuck, lost, disconnected and empty often litter their narratives. It saddens me that peeps get themselves into such laid-bare corners.

During the early stages of a coaching dialogue I get forensic; following the tracks back into my client's inner world. Together we seek to understand and capture what it is in their life that they are PASSIONATE about. Some clients warn me that there is nothing that they are passionate about! But we always find something that we can work with.

As we look for life transformations, our passion is like a glowing ember that can fanned into a flame.

Passion is missing

Dear friends,

Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life, like a void that can't be filled no matter how much success or material possessions you have? This is because passion is what truly enriches our lives and gives us a sense of purpose.

Living a passionate life means waking up each day with excitement and anticipation for what the day will bring. It's about finding what truly sets your soul on fire and pursuing it with all your heart. When we tap into our passions, we find a deep sense of joy and fulfillment that can't be found in anything else.

On the other hand, living without passion is like existing in a monotonous existence, where each day feels like the last and there is no sense of purpose or excitement. This lack of passion can lead to feelings of boredom, restlessness, and even depression.

We all have passions within us, it's just a matter of tapping into them. Your passions can be anything that excites and motivates you, whether it's writing, painting, cooking, sports, music, or anything else. The key is to find what brings you joy and fulfillment, and to pursue it with all your heart.

Finding your passions can be a journey, and it's important to remember that you don't have to do it alone. There are many resources and support systems available to help you on your path, such as therapy, workshops, classes, and mentors.

So my dear friends, I encourage you to take the time to explore your passions and to embrace the rich and fulfilling life that comes with living a passionate life. Trust me, you won't regret it.

With love and light, 

Great Life Coach

Finding Passion

So, the energies of passion are like the motive powers that have you do something and do it well. We can explore ways to find passion, stoke it up, let it out and share it with the world in three primary ways.

Passion at Work

If you show up to your work each day powered by passion, enthusiastic love for what you are doing, creating, and giving. Then your world will change. Passion-powered work is easy, energising and others notice you for your way of being. Allow me to help you unleash your passions!

I invite you to live passionately in/through your career. If you are an entrepreneur, don't try and figure out what you think people want, and then create a product to fill that niche. That's always going to make you feel compromised. Instead, discover what you're deeply passionate about. What is the contribution you most want to make? Find a way to articulate that with energy and sing it loud from the rooftops. And then trust that the tribe you're meant to reach will naturally gather around you.

I have created a coaching process that lets us explore passion in all of its forms. I have noticed that passion can show up in our lives in with both a minor and major way. For example, a major passion could be the outdoors, and a minor passion might be the protection of a rare orchid. In each case, the passion expresses itself through us effortlessly. Passion shows up for free, passion isn't work! We all have a great opportunity to build our careers around our passion, allowing us to draw on deep fountains of energy. A passionate life is an easy life. Sometimes the opportunity is to become very specialised in our unique passion, for example, we could work outdoors to save rare orchids! A double passion! We can be a passionate footballers or supermarket check-out worker.

Many of my clients use our life coaching space to explore career change. I am a huge fan of passion powered career change. I often make use of a coaching process that explores career-possibilities that are created from the merging of multiple passions. These paths are often unexpected and always interesting. As we explore passion-powered career change we must be humble. To get things right we have to be open to the idea that we may be wrong. The investment banker cannot ignore a 1000years of stone-mason genetics! Question everything, especially our own prejudices as to the right-way forwards.

If passion is evading you right now, then just remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet.

Passion in Relationship

When we are with the right person, we can find energy and resonances to really riff off our partner. Our relationships become day to day jamming sessions where we co-create, co-support and co-juicy together. Passion can power us to indulge in LOVE as a VERB. Love for another as a moment by moment expression of an alive vital expression of who we really are. Un-edited, intimate, powerful… and hugely attractive. When we choose to perpetuate a passion-less relationship, we short-change ourselves. We short-change the other. We miss one of life's greatest gifts. We feel disconnected. Dead.

Together we can explore strategies to foster more passion in relationship. If we discern that the connection is desiccated beyond repair, we can support you to either re-vitalise or to move on.

Passion for Life

My lifetime of relentlessly asking big questions about life have lead me to path whereby my personal evolution, my creative journey, my spiritual journey, indeed my Passion, my Purpose, my Peace have all coalesced into the same path. Much gratitude for this work and this ability to open and inspire people. Perhaps you'd like me to help you explore how you can do the same.

At the very least, go for a walk in the park today, connect with the little-flowers, the trees and sky (whatever colour) above… and be grateful. Allow that gratitude to well-up inside, and overflow into a passionate expression of yourself.

Great Life Coach

Friend, wouldn't it be lovely to live a PASSIONATE life. Our work together is pastoral and practical. I make use of a variety of approaches when exploring Passion. Sometimes our work is about taking a higher perspective, sometimes it is about acceptance, sometimes about moving towards authenticity. I hold a space to explore real honesty and an honouring of feelings.

My clients come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. They are productive and capable people living full-lives. They are in-tune with their growth and are always interested in strategies to be more passionate. If you are interested in bringing more passion into your life, I can help you. Together we will evolve juicy strategies to have you feel more passionate, transformed and alive.

Do get in touch for a confidential initial consultation to see if I can help you return to inner happiness that is your birth right.


Let's get passionate ... Great Life Coach Enquiry

Many of my clients are hard-working, productive, intelligent capable people living full lives. They are in tune with their growth and are always interested in strategies to be more purposeful, passionate, and peaceful. They use our coaching relationship as an effective, challenging, positive way to deal with life's dips, lulls, uncertainties, and energy drains.
Together we evolve juicy strategies to continue feeling worthy and alive. I partner with intelligent men who want to excel at their passions, gifts, and talents in a way that brings them success, life balance, and happiness. Let's have an initial chat to establish how I CAN SUPPORT YOU.

"Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.
It matters that you don't just give up."

by Professor Stephen Hawking
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