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Feeling Disconnected

I often get inquiries from people who describe themselves as feeling numb, disconnected from their body, or disconnected from other people and nature. It got me thinking about why so many people feel so disconnected. In my experience life doesn't have to be that way. I can help you RECONNECT with your essence, to reconnect with nature and other human beings.

We live in protected times. Many people live in protected locked houses behind gates and security, their travel is watched over by CCTV and they have insurances to cover any eventuality. As we protect ourselves behind all these securities some part of us loses touch with nature and the rhythms of life. As we cling to the known in our fur-lined ruts, the ever-changing ways of nature are easily missed. We miss the rainbows and sunsets. We become separated from life itself. We start to question who we are and what this is all about. Then we wonder why we feel disconnected from LIFE.

Fear is often where disconnection starts

When people make fear-based decisions they are more likely to believe they are not the authority in their own life. You are more likely to believe that somebody else is the authority in your life. You're more likely to believe that authority. If fear is pushed on you, you are going to assume that you can't decide for yourself. Which then implies that some part of yourself is not good enough. Effectively fear underpins the feeling of not being good enough; causing you to look for self-validation from any source you can get it. I'd like to work with you to make more love-based decisions in your life. This is the only way to move towards self-love, the inner knowing that you are good enough and reconnection with life. Don't be fearful of any part of yourself. Be your full self, your full love, your full humanity. No more fear-based decisions no more believing that you are not the authority in your own life. It's okay to be appreciative of every part of yourself. Reconnect with the lost parts of yourself.


Many people yearn for healthy, harmonious, beautiful connections with others. Yet they walk their path with a conquering mentality. The desire to get more, to take over, and to win permeates their work lives. Subtle aggression is evident in so many behaviors. Efforting to be better than, wealthier than, or blingier than others separates us. And when we do make effort to communicate it is virtual and digitized. Perhaps you fall asleep at night craving meaningful or intimate exchanges with people, but all you feel are barriers? Fear-based barriers? Then we wonder why we feel disconnected from PEOPLE.

Rather than living our lives being authentic and TOTAL, most prefer to live vicariously through gossip rags and the infamous. All that ogling surely builds a media dependence. News, Hello!, movies, books, pulp, pap. Then occasionally a quiet moment shows up, and you immediately reach for the iPhone looking for a new Like, to trash some spam, or to read about the misery of others. If you dared to sit with that silence, maybe you would see through to a sense of great inner sadness. But no, reaching for a glass of wine or watching some porn numbs life's challenge. Then we wonder why we are disconnected from OURSELVES.

If you'd like to get started right away, then these resources may be helpful.

I can help you identify where you are going wrong. I can help you get clear and cleanse towards clarity; helping you enrich your life as it is where it is. In our work, I will help you re-engage with your spirit (that is spiritual and universal). I will show you how to attune to the flow of beautiful life force in your system and reconnect with the instinctual nature within yourself. Our work is not about belief it is about truth.

Together we can learn about and reconnect with authenticity and the dimensions of your being that are not being expressed in your life. I can guide you towards the deepest recognition that your being is searching for something -- inner beauty, intimacy, love, universal connection.

I can help you RECONNECT with your strong-centred essence, to reconnect with nature and other human beings.

Why live a mediocre life, when beauty, refinement, and pleasure abound. Surely now is the time to manifest the fullest dimensions of your life. To dance with life itself. To cultivate healthy life forces flow within your system and align with sponsoring energies that are there to guide you home.

My clients come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. They use our coaching relationship as an effective, challenging, positive way to deal with life's dips, uncertainties, and energy drains. Whether your focus is Career Change, Relationship, or Spiritual Growth, I can help you. Together we will evolve juicy strategies to have you feel transformed, worthy, and alive. Get in touch today or call me on the number above for an initial chat.

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