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The law of attraction

Many of my clients make reference to The Law of Attraction. I came across a quote from the Indian sage Osho the other day that I feel very succinctly describes the law in action.

"If you cannot flower, existence is not going to shower flowers on you. Existence simply responds to you: whatsoever you are, existence gives you more of that. If you have many flowers within your being flowering, a million times more flowers will shower on you. If you have a deep depression, the existence helps that too - a million times more depression will come to you. Whatsoever you are will knock at your door. Whatsoever you are will be given to you more and more."

It is only when we become our innate happiness that we can attract. Seeking happiness from the outside through things that we perceive will make us happy, will only lead to suffering.

Happy attracting!

Thanks to dr_relling flickr CC for the image

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Sunday, 20 October 2019

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