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"Lee has been an incredible mentor, coach & friend to me for almost 6 months now and I have no intention of stopping our sessions. He has a deep, spiritual wisdom which he has seemingly settled into after many years of navigating various life experiences (good, bad & ugly). Lee carries an extensive toolkit containing exercises, techniques and advice which he draws upon when the tool is right for the job and the timing of its use is appropriate.

A great thing about working with Lee is his deep connection to himself - sessions don't tend to be planned and instead Lee uses his intuition to work with whatever is coming up in the moment, for me this means that I always get value out of the sessions.

One more thing - I don't think I've ever felt like there's anything I CAN'T say to Lee. Our conversations are held in a space where anything and everything is on the table. There's a deep acceptance, compassion and appreciation on both sides. It's a pleasure to connect and discuss life's big topics regularly.

I found myself in what I would probably classify as a 'Dark Night of the Soul' period in my life following some major life changes. I sought out a coach that could help guide me through an extremely challenging time in my life and I am so so grateful that I found Lee. I'm still not out of the woods entirely but I'm well on my way and Lee has been an integral part of the journey.

OK, one more thing - If you want to work with a down-to-earth coach who appreciates the complexities & difficulties of modern living, the nuances & contradictions of life that we all wrestle with and who also has a particular interest in authenticity, eastern wisdom and walking a path that is 100% YOU - Lee is your guy." -- Google 5* Review

"I contacted Lee six months ago as I was about to make a big choice to leave my job and change my life. I wanted help from someone who was not invested in my life in any way, and thus could objectively support and challenge me as I powered through that change. I hadn’t expected to enjoy the process quite so much, or to get from Lee so much more than I’d bargained for. Do not be fooled into thinking that coaching with Lee will simply examine the practical mechanics of your life. He has got me to deeply scrutinise the how, the what, and the why of who I am with searing yet playful courage and honesty. With lightness, a sprinkling of humour, infectious enthusiasm, and beautiful spirituality, Lee creates a clear, quiet space that accepts and queries what you will unpack together. His incisiveness has often left me gasping/laughing at the eye-opening revelations about myself. I am learning to become who I am and fully inhabit an amazing life for myself, and I am deeply grateful & happy that I chose to invest in this work." Consultant & Entreprenuer, Bristol

"Thank you for the wonderful session today. I really feel such important shifts in my life, your guidance and support have been phenomenal." Unhappy wife, London

"Lee is a perceptive and non-judgemental listener with the ability to understand quickly and easily the core issues that need to be addressed. His techniques enable one to really look inside oneself and remove blockers that prevent progress. Powerful stuff!" Solicitor, Finchley

"My thankyou was heartfelt Lee. Our work together has helped me to think differently and get me through a very difficult period in my life. Thank you. You have a special gift. Speak soon." Food Entrepreneur, Hertford

"When I first met with lee I did not really know what to expect. I had lots of questions about life in general and was struggling with some issues. After several sessions I now feel more clarity and focus. The work is not done yet but I look forward to our sessions together with excitement. Lee is a good listener and will choose his replys to questions wisely helping you to gain another perspective. I would defiantly recommend to anyone who has the courage to look for more from life. Thanks lee." Electrician, North London

"I knew immediately that I had found someone with a depth of wisdom, warmth and compassion who would not hesitate to put the challenging questions but who would also be there to encourage and support me. I am now able to see the path ahead with much greater clarity and I KNOW it's the right one!" Private School Head Teacher, London Docklands

"Coaching helps you learn about yourself and feel the better for it, Lee is highly professional and always puts your best interests first." Business Analyst, Notting Hill

"I am so glad I am doing this. I am so glad I am doing this with you. I am so proud of myself that I am taking action." Global IT Manager, Melbourne, Australia
"So Lee, I say a big thank you for our time together. I really have enjoyed it and you have given me plenty to think about over the past few months. In many ways I believe you helped steer me towards realising what it is that I am meant to be doing. You're an incrediby interesting person and I have learnt a lot from your outlook - it has been refreshing to say the least!" Lawyer, Moorgate

"I am enormously grateful for the way in which you have helped me to break through some of the blockages in my life and for the sound advice you have provided through a challenging yet exciting period. I also hope to see you at the opening of my bar next year! " Investment Banker, City

"Thanks for your great support! It is helpful and skilful. Look forward - as ever - to next meeting." Health services entrepreneur, East London

"Thank you for all your help and support over the last few months it has been great to work with you" NHS Trust Senior Executive, Hertfordshire

"The most valuable thing you have given me is perspective - a realisation that wellbeing comprises simultaneously satisfying a number of needs, and there is really no point over-focussing. Trite of course, and I knew that already, but you have really deepened my understanding of this truth. But the best thing of all: the belief that anything is possible. We are limited only by our own minds. Fantastic!" Senior Lawfirm Partner, Westminster

"'I found Lee a joy to work with, gently leading you down a fascinating path of self-discovery towards an answer or solution you were looking for, but may not have found on your own. I can recommend him highly." Hedge Fund Manager, Chelsea

"I think I was very fortunate to try your web-site first when I was looking for a life coach. I have found your guidance to be objective and uncomplicated, and you have always provided me with much needed focus. You look as though you have been eating light bulbs!" IT Professional, London Docklands

"As at now, about six months after engaging in this coaching process, I feel good, and that I have made amazing progress in discovering/digging out who I am. The validation I get out of work is being replaced by the joy of honouring my values – I get more and more fulfilled by the joy of being a loving and caring, person." VP Marketing and Development, North London

"I got some quality time to relax and think about everything... I'm still really excited about all the work we did last year." Technology Entrepreneur, Islington

"Working with Lee helped me focus where I want to go next in my life. The programme is well structured and allows achieving goals within the time frame. Lee is engaging and obviously enjoys what he is doing. Great stuff!" Oncology Consultant, Muswell Hill

"I contacted Lee when I realised the changes I needed in my life and myself were too daunting to manage on my own. Lee helped me through a journey of self discovery. I felt empowered all the way in the knowledge that Lee wasn't judging me or finding answers for me. I have resurfaced 'the real me' that had been hidden for years and am facing the new year full of ambition and determination." Management Consultant, St. Albans

"I felt very confused about which direction to take in life. Lee didn't tell me what the right answer was. What he did was to teach me the tools to realise what the possibilities were for me and then focus on the ones which really suited me. Thanks" Dental Surgeon, Farringdon

"When I first got in touch with you I was just looking for some help in getting promoted and making the best of a career I wasn't really happy with. You've helped me understand what it is I truly value in life, to rediscover my creativity and to start to believe that, instead of making the best of a joyless career, I can change direction and realise my dreams. It's been brilliant working with you". Partner Big 5 Consultancy, City of London

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experienced life coachEnsure your lifecoach is experienced.  I have been mentoring and coaching people as a career since 2001.  At this time I would describe myself (and my clients would say!) that I am a very experienced life coach who has worked with many people in many situations.  I also coach Life Coaches!  Allow my experience to help you make changes to your life situation, today! 

How do I find a life coach?  How do I know which life coach to work with?

In a word resonance. Listen for to your body telling you that "I could work with this person" or "this person gives me the creeps"... and make your choice accordingly!  You may find the following information will tell you that you are in safe hands!

I am not a conventional life coach offering ready-made classroom solutions. Take a look at My Background, where I have shared some peak achievements and underpinning attitudes.  I am not a Doctor, do you need a doctor? If you have explored my website this far, then you are probably very interested in the opportunity of engaging with a life coach.

You may well be trying to ascertain if I am the right coach for you, and rightly, you would be considering my background, life experience and coaching experiences to make that decision. You may also be interested in what other clients have had to say.  Hopefully, you now have enough resonance with the information published on this website to make an initial contact! I have found that what really matters is an initial face-to-face discussion about your needs (no surprise really).  Only then can you really ascertain if I am the right coach, and only then can I start to ascertain if I can help you on your journey.  Let's meet to discuss!

Some more background and my very unique aptitude for life coaching

I have led a very eclectic life, travelled widely, lived in several countries, achieved a great deal, lost a great deal, learned a great deal, loved a great deal, been exposed to an extraordinary number of professional disciplines at some depth.  I have interviewed (with a view to employing them) thousands of people; gaining a great deal of insight into what makes people tick. 

As a life coach I use many tools, exercises and disciplines to help my clients learn who they really are.  I too have used these methods to chart my own life of success, fulfilment and balance. One interesting personal analysis that I would like to share that relates to coaching, I have ascertained that my fortified signature strengths are as follows:

  • Perspective (wisdom) - My friends value my perspective on matters and turn to me for advice. I have a way of looking at the world that makes sense to others and to myself.
  • Creativity, ingenuity, and originality - Thinking of new ways to do things is a crucial part of who I am. I am never content with doing something the conventional way if a better way is possible.
  • Curiosity and interest in the world - I am curious about everything. I am always asking questions, and I find all subjects and topics fascinating. I like exploration and discovery.
  • Capacity to love and be loved - I value close relations with others, in particular those in which sharing and caring are reciprocated. The people to whom I feel most close are the same people who feel most close to me.
  • Humour and playfulness - I like to laugh and tease. Bringing smiles to other people is important to me. I try to see the light side of all situations.

Why am I a Life Coach?

I have done the money-centric successful entrepreneur path and it was time to get people focussed. I love people. I was drawn to life coaching initially because friends told me that I was already doing it!  .. and that I was good at it.  Helping others with insightful, warm and intelligent words. Delving deeper I realised that my coaching talents evolved from the confluence of two life journeys, being both a dynamic entrepreneur as well as a highly attuned Intuitive. I draw on both of these sources when working with my coaching clients and people tell me that I am highly effective. Helping other people is my gift to the world, and I enjoy my work.  If I can influence one person to change their outlook on life for the better -- I know they too will influence their loved ones, families, work mates, friends and people in the street. A cascade approach to making life worth living!  I am also a qualified yoga instructor.

Life coach accreditation

The methods, processes and techniques that I use are the heritage of direct experience with thousands of clients rather than scholarship; they have evolved from live coaching rather than university study. I have synthesised a dynamic coaching style from many sources, teachings and wisdom traditions -- not a weekend training. So far I have not sought "training" or accreditation from an outside coaching organisation.  There is no official professional body for life coaching.  Those that purport to be, are in fact great money making businesses! -- performing the function of training people up to be a coaches and bandying around logos so that people feel better about themselves. I believe that the ability to coach people on the subject of life-skills is an innate ability, not a taught one. I have been on a rich personal journey of personal and spiritual growth, healing and development over the past ten years. I have studied dozens of the pre-eminent texts in the field of life coaching, personal development, spiritual transformation and human potential. I walk my talk. Most of the material that I use with my coaching clients comes from a synthesis of all that I have learned over the years from various paths, methodologies and wisdom traditions.  In addition I have had a rich life in the real-world of business, entrepreneurship and action. I have had successes and failures. This is not the kind of coach training that you can pick up over a weekend. My coaching style is always evolving and I have been keen to create my own diverse collection of worksheets, tools, meditations and methods for use with my clients.  Everybody is different, and my coaching methods are adaptable to those differences. I may not be the right kind of coach for you, a coach who has done a course might be more your thing! If you need a "certificate" or accreditation, then there are dozens of coaches who have them, please contact them! If you are interested in experiencing an utterly unique style, then get in touch. In your search for a lifecoach, you will have noticed many organisations offering to train you to become a life coach. You pay them money, and a few weeks later you are a accredited life-coach!  Buyer beware!

At this time I prefer to listen to my clients for accreditation... only they can really tell me if I am doing a great job. I would be interested in hearing from you if you would have considered working with me if I was accredited by one of the many accreditation businesses, let me know your thoughts!

Premium Life Coaching?

My Life coaching capabilities are utterly unique.  My coaching style is not tempered by an out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all hobby-farmer approach.  I design custom programs for each of my clients.  I am experienced and have worked with many people with many different life-challenges. My work is very effective. I coach face-to-face.  I coach you at a location of your choice.  I am very flexible.  No demanding binding contracts.  I blend entrepreneurship, yoga-philosophies, meditation, empowerment techniques, laughter, listening, a razor sharp mind and love in my work. If you are serious about changing your life for the better... why give yourself anything less?


A few more perspectives on the Life Coaching Profession (Buyer beware)

Life coaching is a profession that bridges the old and the new story, in that it represents the extreme of the old -- the monetization of friendship, the commercialisation of wisdom -- even as, through the breakdown of that model, it invites in the new. I believe the core of coaching is to bring people to truth. Charles Eisenstein

I revel in transparency, it is the only "free" way in life. My journey as a life coach has been driven from a deep place. Quite simply I am here on earth to support and inspire people to find their truth and to be authentic. Relatively speaking I live quite humbly.

But buyer beware there are many coaches out there who have done a weekend diploma and are now ready to fix your life. People who are thinking of being coaches may find the following facebook (25/4/16) post by Jesse Gros of interest...

My profession is broken… Less than 10% of people who go through life coach training as a coach will ever make coaching a legitimate career. That’s over 90% fail rate.
Guess who makes the most money in the business? 
Take good guess… (I’ll put a couple spaces before the answer)
People who run coaching schools. 
People who are selling the dream to newbies. 
Dreams are an easy sell. Just ask anyone who as ever raised venture capital money. 
Round one is usually easier, because you are just selling the dream.
Everyone I personally know who is a successful coach, started out coaching people to have fabulous lives and ended up coaching coaches, multilevel marketing sales people, or wannabe real estate mavens. (All an easy sell, with very low barriers to entry, big dreams and extremely low success rates)
Because that’s where the money is: Coaching schools, Master mind groups for coaches, Sales training, Conscious Sales Training, marketing training for coaches, branding classes for coaches and healers, and … well you get the point.
One study showed that a very high percentage of all money made in the business is made by coaches coaching coaches, who coach coaches, who coach coaches and all of the training in between. It’s basically a big cannibalistic, incestuous, pyramid scheme that feeds on itself to stay alive.
One of the more successful coaches I know; has been on Oprah, has New York Times best selling books, etc… Made most of her money through her coaching school, selling the dream. (This is verified in a New York Times article.) And yet, if you scroll through a list of certified coaches, you see a wasteland of abandoned websites and abandoned coaching careers.
Why am I writing this? 
I have been observing this trend over the last couple years, and it’s been really bothering me. I have been watching an entire industry selling a dream and a lifestyle that most of the instructors can’t achieve themselves!
Today I hit the limit of my conscience.
While I was in a coaching program for coaches, a meek, hesitant young man stood up and shared that his dream was to make $100,000 a year as a coach. The room clapped. Then he shared again that he actually was holding back. The real number was $700,000. The charismatic, charming leader looked at him and said; “Say that again and own it.” Again more claps for an impossible dream… One that this seasoned, extremely well trained coach has never even come close to! I almost walked out of the room. *Except for the fact that I was there as a presenter myself. And so, there I sat, waiting for my turn, while my mind repeated over and over, “get me out of here.”
Another financially successful coach I know describes himself on the back of his book as “One of the most exclusive, top tier, best in business bla bla bla… coaches” That wasn’t true when he wrote the book and it’s still not true. He’s doing well, but nothing like the description.
In my first book, Your Wild & Precious Life, the back cover describes me as a “World-class life coach.” I didn’t write that line. It was added by one of my editors. BUT… I didn’t delete it either. Yes, I worked with some high level, well known people who are world-class in their fields, but does that make me a world-class coach?? The short answer is NO.
That one line has bothered me for years since the book has been out. (Alex is leaning over my shoulder as I write this… “Take this part out,” she’s saying. “World-class” is up for interpretation.”) It’s not up for interpretation. If I’m a world-class skier, I’m in a very tiny group of people, probably helicopter skiing in Alaska on super vertical runs. I know this, because, one of my clients is TRULY a world-class skier. I’m more like a coach who knows how to go down black diamonds.
I know a coach who talks about his 7-figure income often. I happen to know for a fact, he’s never had one. My friend lives four doors down from his modest home.
So… it appears that many people in the business are exaggerating or just flat out lying, all under the pretense of “fake it till you make it.” It also appears that most of the money is made not actually coaching people out in the world, but rather selling a dream and coaching coaches on chasing a dream that has a very low success rate.
BUT… when I think about leading a coaching program for coaches, part of my body goes numb. I imagine standing on a stage looking out at a room full of hopeful faces, doing my best to get them excited about their bright futures, when I know damn well only about 5-10% will actually be able to turn what I have taught them into a career. That feels really shitty. *I imagine this is how I would have felt if I was a mortgage broker in the early 2000’s selling people homes they couldn’t afford, watching their smiling faces as they left my office… and knowing all while, most of them would probably loose them when the ARM on their loan came up. Unless of course, I was so intoxicated with the easy money that I didn’t even care what happened to my customers.

Have a gorgeous day dancing in the miracle of life won't you x

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