Are your clients International?

I regularly coach people of many nationalities, either here in the UK or worldwide via telephone. 

Experienced Coach -- People from all around the world

England is a beautifully cosmopolitan place to live.  Many world travellers and relocated workers wash up in the UK. Often the life-situation that arises when we find ourselves out of our usual comfortable environ gets us to re-evaluate what we are doing with our lives.

Travellers, Relocations, Immigrants, Foreigners, Visitors and Citizens of Planet Earth

When we take up the challenge of a journey away from our homelands, we become our own hero and we tend to be more attuned to the way that life unfolds out of the present, creating paths, options, opportunities and lessons for us on-the-fly. Travelling is so often one of the freest and exciting times of our life. It also reveals to us that we have a will, our own will.  We get to experiment with our will to make choices for ourselves both in the micro-sense – shall I go to that bar again tonight, and in the macro-sense – shall I settle down in this country, establish my career and make the next phase of my life here?  Sometimes the latter becomes overwhelming and the help of a lifecoach can profoundly help you establish the right choices to make (for you).

I often work with folks from other countries and have helped people unravel the following sorts of life-challenges.

  • Shall I stay in the UK?
  • Relocating to the UK and starting a new life
  • Shall I marry my beau and settle and have 8 kids?
  • Shall I extend my trip?
  • Shall I go back home… and then what?
  • How do I reconcile my home-sickness?
  • My husband was relocated and I need a life here!
  • How do I quit the bar and party scene (get a life!)
  • How do I juggle being a bohemian and an executive?
  • What is the right career path for me, I can’t temp for ever?
  • My travels have made me spiritually aware of myself, how do I embody that gift into a working life?

I have worked with Americans, Australians, Austrians, South Africans, Canadians, Egyptian, French, German, Polish, Italian, Kiwis, Dutch, Greek, Saudis, Qataris, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Ecuadorian, Nigerian, Kenyan, Malaysian, Chinese, Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lankans, Greeks, Germans, Austrians, Swiss, Scots, Irish and Yorkshiremen to name a few.  If you are a guest to the UK, feeling uncertain, lost, stuck in a fog or in need of some supported strategic thinking get in touch!

  • If you live outside the UK, I also offer Telephone based coaching worldwide.
  • I am interested in working with a life coach
  • I am interested in working with a Great Life Coach
  • I am interested in a free no-obligations consultation

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