How long does it take to solve my problem?

Life Coaching - How long does the life coaching relationship last?

There are no rules. You would be completely free to make decisions about how often you would want to meet based on how you feel and your individual circumstances. As a rule of thumb plan on at least 8 to 12 sessions, but I often do ad hoc sessions and even one-off sessions. Many clients work on a PAYG basis.

The life coaching relationship varies its intensity on an as needed basis; the frequency and duration of sessions changes with the needs of the program and your life-schedule. Flexibility is key to a good coaching program. Making time for your Self in a disciplined way, amidst a hectic life schedule is also necessary. You are probably time-poor, that's why I travel to you for our meetings... let your coach do the running around!

In the realm of customised life coaching there is no such thing as a typical relationship -- but typically, engagements last around 2 to 6 months.  Some folks choose to keep the relationship in place for a year and beyond! And I have had people get what they needed out of 1 session!

Most people meet me weekly, a few fortnightly, a few monthly and several enjoy a more ad-hoc approach; dipping in to our relationship on an as-needed basis as we progress. Some people have a small, finite, discreet goal that they use coaching for, some people arrive with a long shopping list of their needs, while others use coaching to effect a major life change; some people fundamentally change their lives having realised their life purpose, and others realise just how happy they are already.  Some people choose to change nothing except their awareness and intuition. The total length of time we work together will depend on the complexity of issues involved and your individual needs.

Most face to face sessions last around a hour.  Sometimes we have a double session for deeper work.  Some people find (and I agree) that the 60 minute session just is not long enough; and we usually enter into a more flexible pro rata arrangement.  Some people find an hour is too short ... and sometimes I disagree!  We discover a program that is effective and productive.

It is very difficult to say up front how much you will need to invest to get the results you are looking for; everybody is different.  You are free at anytime to stop the relationship if you feel it is not working.  And reciprocally, an important point is that I am careful to watch for clients who are no longer benefiting from our coaching relationship and thus would be better served by another coach or by another resource and, at that time, I will encourage my client to make that change. 

I am generally available to schedule coaching sessions between 6am and 9pm M-F.  I can also schedule weekend intensive sessions.

A one-off 2-hour Mini-Intensive session may also be appropriate for your life-challenge.

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