Being realistic, What can life coaching achieve?


Unless you are on the brink of enlightenment, life coaching cannot solve all of your life's problems. In fact a life coach will not solve any problem for you -- that bit is up to you. Like miracles, quick fixes are rarely enjoyed. A coach can help you reveal how to solve life's problems and challenges.

Ultimately how you run your life and how you feel really is up to you. You are responsible for every choice you make. It is easy to make false promises to yourself -- fail, and then feel worse... and easier for a coach to make false promises.  When I life coach, I work with you to keep things in perspective and to keep realistic about what you are trying to achieve. 

I will not claim or imply outcomes that you can not achieve. I think of coaching as enabling clients to access the resources they need to respond creatively to their current or future life demands.  The vast majority of these resources are located within You; even external resources are dependent on your internal resource of being able to effectively ask for assistance! 

Cases with a narrow scope may find that a two-hour mini-intensive session is all that is needed.


Your challenge is to move your life to an intense feeling of COMFORT.  Consider the roots of the word comfort for a moment.

Com (With) – Fort (Strength)

How can you feel strong in every aspect of your life?  Honour your values and live true to your purpose. This inner strength leads to comfort… the comfortable life we all dream of.... You dream, you define success, you decide how to make them come true. We co-create a strategy, You are inspired to take action, we team up to get you there. I support, encourage and challenge you along the way.  See what other clients have had to say.

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