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About Me

London Life CoachMy purpose is to open and inspire people toward their own innate happiness. I am your trusty sidekick. I love this work.

I am an experienced life coach, practicing in London as a mentor, coach, and motivational speaker since 2001. My coaching talents have evolved from the confluence of two life journeys, being both a dynamic entrepreneur as well as a spiritual truth-seeker. I draw on both of these sources when working with my coaching clients and they tell me that I'm highly effective.

Today, based in central London,  I am running a thriving Life Coaching practice that was established to provide you with a premium life coaching service. I am very good at bringing you back to your own authenticity, generating and amplifying strategies, as well as clearing internal blocks.

With alacrity, I partner with intelligent, successful people who want to excel at their passion, gifts, and unique talents.

My clients include many CEOs, mums, entrepreneurs, managers, executives, lawyers, directors, professionals, freelancers, bankers, consultants, creative people, and people who are not aware of what they are here for.

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My coaching with you is based on these key values:

  • Confidentiality - Our work is between you and me and the mystery.
  • Your Agenda - Our work is about your needs, your plan, and your vision. You set the agenda.
  • Safe Space - I am not here to judge you. I am passionate about authenticity.
  • Focus - Our work is about you and the challenges that arise in the moment.
  • Clarity - I will talk to you in a direct way, with profound ease.
  • Energy - I bring energy and fun to our sessions.
  • Strong - I do self-work every day to ensure I am strong for you.
  • Loving - My big heart wields a sharp sword
  • Flexibility - Flowing with life like a willow

Entrepreneur - Leader, Marketeer and Technologist

Experience, Enthusiasm, Energy, Excellence - The first journey, that of a multifaceted entrepreneur, started at an early age and resulted in my creating and growing several exciting technology and media companies. I spent extensive time in both the United States and the UK wielding my leadership skills, creativity, passion, pioneering spirit and razor mind. I have been involved in many internet and interactive publishing initiatives that have sought to create wealth in an eclectic array of industry sectors, including movies, edutainment, stock-option trading, medical, software, health, security, books, construction, adventure games, personal finance, insurance, and virtual reality. During the dotcom moment, I built an e-commerce solutions company over 20 months to become one of Europe's leading Internet integrators which resulted in a stock floatation. I continue to be active with several entrepreneurial-driven companies.

Spiritual and Intuitive Journey

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The second path, my spiritual path was initiated in 1991 when I started a strong practice of yoga. Over the years my yoga and meditation practice has become a beautiful backdrop to my life. It has enabled me to become a clear channel. I am a peaceful man who has steeped in many of the world's great wisdom traditions. It is from that place that I teach and inspire others.

Over the past several years significant shifts and chapter changes in my own life required that I dig deep for consummate self-belief and follow through. Taking cues from daring, inspiring, and insightful people and wisdom texts, I discovered a Lee deep inside me who appeared to have uncanny insight into my reality, an innate purpose... and answers to all my questions. What an awesome feeling.

Let me show you how to more fully be what you already are.

I have practiced deeply with several strong teachers to develop my intuitive self and the skillful art of perception. Trusting my truest nature has taken time. But now, with resolve, I see that if I live in alignment with my inner truths, life is of higher quality, and I am harmonious and quite simply a happier human being. These days I continue to be a dedicated meditator and yogi. I am also a dedicated practitioner of Tantra and have been working towards mastery since 2005.

For me, Life coaching is not a job, but a fulfilling way of self-expression that allows me to manifest the love I feel for who I am. My work is deep, heavy, and real.

Let me meet you in the moment

Let me meet you in the moment with who you are and where you are at. I will be spontaneous, intuitive, and deep listening. I seek to listen to you beyond how your self-image listens to yourself, listening beyond the words you use. I shall track and stalk what you are not hearing, what you are ignoring or refusing in your own being. How do we get more of you to awaken? I will invite you to deeply fall in love with yourself as this is your biggest challenge.

This work never fails to amaze me and I feel honoured to have been called to this path and to be able to assist people on their own journeys toward happiness and wholeness.

There is nothing mediocre about my coaching style, I do not offer a textbook approach. I have synthesized the best from entrepreneurship, human development, business, communications, mentoring, spirituality, yoga, tantra, meditation, and coaching to help individuals and organizations find and live their passion; to live a Juicy Life. Using a safe and supportive foundation of trust, freedom of expression and commitment, I always work to help you explore your inner being, to regain balance in your personal and working life and to align with your true values and fullest potential. Using a stimulating face-to-face, phone support, and email program customised to fit your current intuitive development needs, my coaching focuses on your inner guidance, purpose, skills, beliefs, techniques, and processes necessary to become utterly aware of the authentic You. 

My journey continues...

If you've ever wondered what a day of working as a Great Life Coach looks like then you may find this article interesting - A day in the life of Great Life Coach!

Are you ready to work with a Radical Mentor?

I am a radical person. Effective coaching requires radical thinking. When you are looking for support with a life challenge, don't settle for insights from a vanilla-hum-drum sort of person. Creative change isn't born of comfortable, soft, emotionally-small people. Choose to work with a radical coach, somebody who thinks and acts outside the tedious parameters dictated by the prevailing culture. Somebody who has taken risks, questioned authority and sees the radical bigger picture. I am radical and ready to create an intimate growth process with you. A process to take you toward the life you yearn for.

A radical person has faced demons, taken risks, challenged teachers, questioned, lived courageously, embodied what's real, and chosen love over fear.

Work with a coach who thinks radically and lives radically. The process of life coaching, helpful, effective life-changing coaching requires a radical process. I am a radical person, with many oblique and challenging perspectives that can rock the atrophy of your world. It's time to live juicily. I walk my talk. I am a Scorpio.

Take up the Challenge of supported change

You can learn more about my Personal Coaching Philosophy here.

I trust that this website will find its way to those who are ready for the transformation of their life situation and so act as a catalyst for it. In my work, I am in pursuit of delivering a premium quality life coaching service. I always work to help you explore your inner-being, regain balance in your personal and professional life, and align with your true values, life purpose, and fullest potential.

Take up the challenge of confident ongoing change. My coaching focuses on your inner guidance, purpose, skills, beliefs, techniques, and processes necessary to take you into a great future. Live and love more abundantly and die contented.

Sometimes in our culture, learning to love ourselves can be one of our greatest challenges. If we understand that creating loving kindness toward ourselves is the first step in cultivating loving kindness toward the world, then we can perhaps glimpse the relevance and importance of this practice.

Blaze On! Lots of Love


Empowering Personal Passion Purpose and Peace

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