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Life Coaching for Men Video

Introduction to Life Coaching with Great Life Coach

Introduction to Life Coaching with Great Life Coach

This short video is intended to offer a flavour of my unique style of life coaching for MEN. Do take five minutes of your valuable time and get to know me a little better! In this video I discuss perspectives on life the challenges faced by Men and life coaching.

I shot this video while hiking deep in the English Countryside. I am an avid and accomplished mountain hiker. I love big nature, big rivers, big sunshine and the deep connection with all that is.

Maybe we should go on a life coaching hike together! Ask me!

Self-Help Resources for Men

Advertisements - I'd love to work deeply with you. But if life is calling you to go-it-alone right now, then you may find the following self-help coaching resources useful. And of course it goes without saying, if you need any help or reflection along the way, do give me a call for some support even if its just for an hour!

I have resonated deeply with Michael's simple unpacking of life itself. His accessible teachings can give everyman a bedrock for spiritual growth, Michael A. Singer's spiritual classic The Untethered Soul gave us a lucid and practical guide to living an awakened life. Now, for those inspired by his books or new to his teachings, this in-depth series of original audio sessions brings you into his company, as he suffuses new illumination into the revelatory insights shared in his written works.

- Insights on the Untethered Soul discusses how the book takes you through each stage of the spiritual journey.
- Freedom from the Mind details the ways in which the mind can hijack your reality.
- The Clarity of Witness Consciousness helps you unravel the numerous constructs that create your false sense of self.
- Turning Preference into Peace invites us to get to the roots of our suffering: blockages of our energy flow.
- The Journey Within guides you on the most important voyage of your life: into the depths of your own limitless Self.
- Letting Go into Freedom and Fulfillment shares that the peace we seek is already within us—the key is to let go of the entire inner battle.
- Honoring and Respecting Reality leads us through the limitations of the personal mind and into the expansive wonder awaiting just beyond its walls.
- Taking Charge of Your Inner Growth shows how to recruit your own hidden strengths, commitment, and intention as powerful allies.
- Your Direct Path to Inner Freedom teaches how to release the pull of your personal energies and live from the deepest part of your being.
- The Power of Inner Clarity explores how to comprehend the truth of a situation and act to serve the highest good.
- The Unlimited Energy of the Self helps you free your inner energy in order to experience unconditional upliftment.

Interesting stuff!

What a gift to us all, what a superb communicator, what a force of nature who has woken up MILLIONS to the possibility that there is a different way of walking the path of life. Perhaps this year is a good year to go and spend some time with Tony. Do it!

Interestingly, I have worked with MANY people who have done Tony Robbins trainings and events. I find that his work JOLTS people into looking at things differently. I am then able to pick up the pieces and ride shot-gun as a mentor and confident to support you to go make great stuff happen... beyond spending 50 hours with Mr Robbins!

Love him dearly, go along and see his events, then give me a call!

This is an interesting audio-course brought to you by friends over at Sounds True - Rediscovering the Vast and Mysterious Domain of the Human Heart

"In the modern world, we often feel lost in our relationships and uncertain in our ability to care about other people. But at the same time, as social creatures, we share a very deep inspiration toward connection, loving, and communion with others." - Men this is strong teaching that can set us up to walk a very different path in life.

We find ourselves in this predicament because of our culture›s emphasis on the left-brain or "thinking mind" as the primary lens for viewing oneself and the world. In Awakening the Heart, Reggie will lead you through a progressive series of teachings and body-based meditations for rediscovering the vast and mysterious domain of the human heart—and accessing the depths of wisdom available within your body at this very moment. This is the path of bodhicitta, a compassionate commitment to be present to life and transform oneself in order to love everything that is in a way that is infinite and unconditional.

"Who we are in our essence is a living field of awakened and boundless love," teaches Reggie. Awakening the Heart is your invitation to the lifelong journey of reconnecting to our fundamental goodness and cultivating our capacity to love.

More Than 20 Somatic Meditations Including Practices of:

  • Ultimate Bodhicitta
  • Opening the central channel
  • Exploring the energy of awareness
  • Entering the territory of the heart
  • Opening the 1000-petal lotus
  • Breathing the Fire Up from the Depths of the Earth
  • Maitri for challenging situations and people
  • Citta Maitri (literally "benevolent heart-mind")
  • Somatic meditation for working with a traumatic event
  • Directing compassion to yourself and others
  • Somatic Tonglen
  • The four immeasurables

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