What is your Personal Coaching Philosophy

Do what you always did, get what you always got.

I do not have the answers and do not give advice. I do have the questions and you have all the answers. Being authentically aware of your self-purpose is the foundation of your stunning personal power. A power that drives your talent for certainty, allows you to conquer small projects, and will create exactly the future that you dream of and ask for. Our work together will remind you in both obvious and subtle ways to find your true calling in life and provide you with tools to help you on your quest.

If you choose to, you can tune into your essence and put your personal power to work. This journey may require support, support that is effectively bestowed on you by a Life Coach. As you research working with a Life Coach, you will discover that every coach is different.  We all have different niches, personalities, and styles. You will also see that there are hundreds of coaches out there. It seems so easy to become a coach!  Invest time to find the right coach for your current needs.  Work with an experienced coach, who has worked with many people in many situations, and give yourself the best. Your relationship with your coach is a very special one; you will know when you have found your coach -- it will feel "right". I also life coach couples!

My coaching creates an alliance between two equals for the purpose of meeting your needs. You are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. My natural approach to Life Coaching is effective for responsible, intelligent, motivated and successful people.

If you've ever wondered what a day of working as a Great Life Coach looks like then you may find this article interesting - A day in the life of Great Life Coach!

I am not a psychotherapist! My coaching talent is driven by the fabric of my being working in harmony with the richness of my own life experiences. My invigorating approach focuses on the power to be found in the peak experiences of your life, rather than past issues. Together we fight the enemy of fear and the retarding effects of living in a culture that is saturated with notions of blame and judgment. My life experiences as a switched-on entrepreneur and CEO allow me to excel with professional coaching clients. My own spiritual journey has shown me that the authentic self is the foundation of purpose, passion, and happiness in this Life. This gift of Self-awareness is one that I share with great vigor and is an integral part of my work. Do what you love, love what you do, and deliver more than you promise.

Having now worked with thousands of clients I find that most relationships settle into a balance between

  • the utterly practical (strategies, plans, timelines and action)
  • and the practically spiritual (purpose, meaning, self-realisation).

Together we find that balance and I am able to respond to every individual on a case-by-case basis.

When you allow me, my goal as a coach is to guide you into moments where all the answers reveal themselves. To be fully responsible for your uniqueness I work with warmth, insight and intelligence to reveal to you what you are in the seed of your spirit. Shifts can be Intellectual or insightfully simple. I think of life coaching as enabling clients to access the resources they need to respond creatively to their current or future life demands.  The vast majority of these resources are located within You; even external resources are dependent on your internal resource to being able to effectively ask for assistance!

Let me show you how to more fully be what you already are.

You, the client create the agenda and we design our alliance together. With my help, you will look deep inside to get to know yourself, your strengths, and your limitations.  You will discover:

  • Who are you? -- your purpose, your intentions, your motivations
  • What do you really want? -- you vision, your decision to proceed, certainty
  • What's stopping you? -- what you fear, what holds you back, where you sell-out
  • How are you going to get there?  -- Re-invention, the master plan

I trust that this website will find its way to those who are ready for a transformation of their life situation and so act as a catalyst for it. In my work, I am in pursuit of delivering a premium quality life coaching service. I always work to help you explore your inner-being, to regain balance in your personal and professional life, and to align with your true values, life purpose, and fullest potential.

Take up the challenge of confident ongoing change. My coaching focuses on your inner guidance, purpose, skills, beliefs, techniques and processes necessary to take you into a great future. Live and love more abundantly and die contented.

Sometimes in our culture, learning to love ourselves can be one of our greatest challenges. If we understand that creating loving kindness toward ourselves is the first step in cultivating loving kindness toward the world, then we can perhaps glimpse the relevance and importance of this practice.


Empowering Personal Passion Purpose and Peace


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