What types of life -change assignment can you help me with?

Experienced Coach -- Some typical Life Coaching assignments

So what do people use a life coach for?  We are all pilgrims. Have you ever stopped to think… Where am I on my journey?

We all awaken to different aspects of ourselves at different times in our lives.  The following scenarios outline some of the types of life-coaching engagements that I have worked on (modified for confidentiality).  You can see how clients are at different stages of their unique journeys.  In each case, I was able to align with, and then work as a catalyst for my client; helping them find their own answers so that they could move on to the next phase of their unfolding life-journey, comfortably.  My customised work in all cases took place at a spiritual, revealing, nurturing, supporting, purposeful, intuitive, strategic, realistic, and loving level of discovery and self-empowerment. Perhaps you can see yourself in the following examples?  It is not important.  Every one of these assignments is about change.  More of something, less of something.  I can help you make changes, if you are ready. Yes they are all real assignments that I have engaged with!

Work and Career Assignments

  • I have been working at this job for 10 years.
  • I am very successful.
  • I am very unhappy…. And I need to change.
  • I need to stop being bullied at work and go make my dream business happen
  • I am just starting my career... what shall I do?
  • I have been climbing this ladder for the last 20 years. I feel empty.
  • I cannot spend the next 20 years of my working life in this state.
  • Life is passing me by.
  • I want to start my own business... what if I fail
  • I need to get out of this monster company I have created.
  • I am going to become a sail boat charter owner... how can I make it happen?
  • I am ready to start my restaurant bar.
  • I am a burnt out workaholic entrepreneur, I need to simplify things.
  • They just keep piling the work on; I am at breaking point.
  • I need a way out, but I'm stuck.
  • I want to be a Life Coach (life Coach training)
  • I need to get out of the career; but I do not want to let anyone down.
  • I do not like this career, get me out, I do not know what to do.
  • I hate myself.
  • I hate my job; but it supports our lifestyle... and I cannot let that go.
  • What shall I do with my retirement?
  • I have so many options.  I am so capable.  But I am stuck.
  • I need to get appointed to the board... but they won't let me.
  • I am a life coach and I need a coach?
  • They are about to fire me.
  • I need to be fearless.
  • I'm off to France
  • I need to create a business plan and attract new business to my new practice
  • I always wanted to be a priest, but never followed my calling... should I?
  • I am head of a large law-practice.
  • There is no time for ME.  What about me?
  • I am ready to maximise my potential.
  • Make life rock!
  • I need to bring my career success into my personal life.
  • I am ready to start work after being a mum for so long.
  • I want to start my own business in nutrition.
  • How do I leave this fantastic lifestyle... but I have had enough of this job.

Unhappy with Life Assignments

  • I need to stop watching Friends re-runs and get a life
  • I need to stop being so work focussed and find my life-partner, settle down and have babies
  • I need to love myself (more) I need to be loved.
  • I need to set boundaries.
  • I need to get out of the house and get a job.
  • I am lazy.
  • I have read all the self-books. I have attended all the self-help seminars. I still do not know what I am here for.
  • My wife tells me I'm having a mid life crisis, is that true?
  • I just need to know what to do next.
  • This isn't right.
  • Who am I?  I am not so sure any more.
  • How can I break out of being a PA?
  • I want to start my own company.
  • Do I stay in the UK or move to the sun?
  • I want to travel.
  • I am a keenly intelligent. Successful. Working 12+ hour days, I am burning out… and this is not what I am here for.
  • I am so unfocussed, always late, and unsure what is next.
  • I am ready to bring awareness into my life.
  • Simplify. And live my life authentically.
  • I have lost everything.
  • I need to reinvent myself after a major illness.

Family and Relationships Coaching Assignments

  • I need to stop crying all the time.
  • Will I ever fall in love?
  • I am lonely.
  • I want more sex
  • I know it is because I am so unhappy at work that I am so miserable… nobody wants to get to know a miserable person.
  • I want to have fun with my children
  • My wife says I'm boring... and I believe her.
  • I have been married for 30 years, I am retired.  I am unhappy.
  • Should I stay or should I go?
  • I have a broken heart
  • Do I divorce?
  • My husband wont sleep with me and sex is important to me
  • I have just realised how much I want a love-affair, but all I do is work work work.
  • DO I settle down and make babies?
  • Do I remain a partner in my company or devote myself to my kids (who never see me)
  • My partner just left me.
  • I have a broken marriage
  • I am devastated.
  • I do not know where to start.
  • I need pushing over the edge to make my life change
  • I have been with an abusive partner for way to long.
  • I am ready to get out and reinvent myself. 
  • My kids are in Spain.  I am here.  Where should I be?
  • I just feel so empty.
  • The list goes on…

If you've ever wondered what a day of working as a Great Life Coach looks like then you may find this article interesting - A day in the life of Great Life Coach!

Where are you in your life journey?  Could you use a life coach to unblock your thought patterns and release you into the next chapter of your precious life?

When you wake up to a deep-felt knowing that you have to make changes, perhaps now is the time to work with Great Life Coach?

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