Where do Life Coaching Sessions Take Place?

London UK Life Coach - Location

Face to face life coaching generally takes place at a venue of your choice, your home, your office or even the local park (when it is warm and sunny!). Over thje last 16 years I have built a large repertoire of conducive venues all over London. I can also recommend suitable venues. Your venue of choice should be quiet, private and comfortable.

I TRAVEL TO YOU for each session, this has the added benefit of giving you reduced travel time and inconvenience when attending sessions.  It also allows me to support you very effectively, as there are no travel-related excuses on your part!  Your time is precious, don't spend it travelling all over town... let your coach do that for you!

Coach At Work in the Park with a clientIf you live or commute in London or Hertfordshire face-to-face coaching is easy to set-up within the confines of your busy or relaxed schedule.  If you live outside London, then I would recommend that we proceed with Telephone coaching.  In some cases I can travel out of London, but would need to be compensated for my travel time. I can also arrange for hotel based intensive coaching sessions here in London.

Face to Face coaching can be easily conducted if you live, commute or work within the following London and Greater London towns:

  • London life coaching
  • Greater London life coaching
  • Mayfair life coach
  • Pimlico life coach
  • Belgravia life coach
  • Westminster life coach
  • City of London life coach
  • SW London life coach
  • Richmond life coach
  • Wimbledon life coach
  • Barnes life coach
  • Putney life coach
  • NW London life coach
  • North London life coach
  • Hampstead life coach
  • Camden life coach, 
  • East London life coach
  • Docklands life coach
  • The City life coach
  • South London life coach
  • Wandsworth life coach
  • Clapham life coach
  • Battersea life coach
  • Victoria life coach
  • West London life coach
  • Ealing life coach
  • Chelsea life coach
  • Kensington life coach
  • West End life coach
  • Soho life coach

I can also undertake one-2-one coaching in the surrounding shires including, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Kent, Berkshire, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Essex, Sussex. Due to business relationships in the area I can also take on clients in the M4 corridor, Bristol, Wiltshire, Avon and Devon.  Get in touch and we can discuss suitable venues!


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