Life Coaching for 20 Somethings

Life Coaching for Twenty Year olds
Directionless? Lost? Stuck? Bored? Who are you going to be? There's so much choice in your twenties. There's no better time than today to get your life on track... 

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Life Coaching for 30 Somethings

Life Coach for thirty year olds
For many of us, our 30's are a formative decade. This decade more than any other can shape the rest of your life. Choices made today can shape your thirties...

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Life Coaching for 40 Somethings

Lifecoach for 40 year olds
Our mid-life can be a clarifying time. Many of us realise that we must establish more meaning to our lives. We have grown, prospered and perhaps stagnated...

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Life Coach LeeMy name is Lee. I'm an experienced Master Life Coach based in London, UK.
Since 2003, I have coached thousands of people face-to-face in London or Worldwide by telephone.



If you are unhappy AND your unhappiness is limiting your life
AND you are ready to live a Passionate, Purposeful and Peaceful life
THEN welcome to Great Life Coach, YOU are in the right place!

Thank you for your interest in my work. If you are feeling unhappy in life, career or love, I can probably help you.

Through our work together I will empower you to transform your life, discover who you really are and what you are really here for. In just a few sessions we can get you on the road to authentic happiness.

I invite you to deeply fall in love with yourself, for that is your biggest challenge. I am very good at bringing you back to your own authenticity, generating and amplifying strategies, as well as clearing internal blocks.

I offer one of the most unique life coaching styles in the UK. I am a full time professional life coach. This is my spiritual path, my creative expression, my authenticity, my dedication to making a positive difference in the world. This isn’t a side business, whimsical moneymaker or a cover for deficiencies in my game of life. I coach and inspire from the fabric of my Lee-ness. I don’t belong to any clubs and I don’t have a certificate on the wall. You can learn more About Me here.

Over the past sixteen years I have built London’s premier Life Coaching company. I have worked deeply with hundreds of people from all over the world, most ages and walks of life. I am based in London. I work face-to-face with people locally and by telephone with people all over the World; supporting them through major life changes, challenges and spiritual awakenings.

Come and feel the tenderness of my roar.

What do you want and what is stopping you? Do you need to change your personal or professional life? I am confident that I can help you achieve tangible positive changes to your happiness and life situation.

Take a look at what clients are saying about our work together ... many Google 5-Star reviews can be found here.

Everyday my work is an authentic expression of my creativity, my spirituality, my gift to the world. Much gratitude for being able to make areal difference to the lives of so many people -- My clients, their families, their colleagues.

I coach from the myriad of my life experience. I am a father, a husband and a lover. Gratitude for being successful beyond my dreams. As an entrepreneur I have created great wealth and I have failed and lost it. I have travelled widely and lived and worked in several countries. I am a yogi, an entrepreneur, a red-pill truth seeker. I am full of wonder. I am a razor-minded man who dances with life. I have much to give you. Come and explore spirituality and living juicy -- Give it a Try.

Twenty years ago I had a life crisis of my own. It was a that crisis called me to take a good look at the path I was walking.

Everyday I work deeply with people showing them how to live Passionately with Purpose. How to embody Peace. My clients tell me that my work is robust and effective.

If you live or work in London, I will travel to you and for clients elsewhere in the UK or worldwide I offer a comprehensive telephone life coaching service.

My clients come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. They are productive and capable people living full-lives. They are in-tune with their growth and are always interested in strategies to be more purposeful, passionate and peaceful. They use our coaching relationship as an effective, challenging, positive way to deal with life's dips, uncertainties and energy drains. Whether your focus is Career Change, Relationship, Confidence or Spiritual Growth, I can help you. Together we will evolve juicy strategies to have you feel transformed, worthy and alive. Get in touch Today...

Ready for the journey? Click the links below...

What you are to do in life chooses you, and you can choose not to do it. You can choose to try to do something safer.

If you aren't quite ready to live so juicily, check out my Free Coaching Goals Worksheet. This London life coach website is packed full of inspirational Free self-help wisdom, take a good look around and do check out the important topics below...


  • google 5star coach Thank you very much for your good work Lee. Thanks to our sessions I've been able to design a good plan for my next project. It's been lovely to be able to talk to you without being judged, really openly.

  • google 5star coach Lee truly guided me on to the right path. I was stuck, frustrated, unsure of where to turn. I saw Lee once a month for just over a year, and i can honestly say this was the best decision i've ever made. Thank you again Lee!

  • google 5star coach1 I am so thankful for my time with Lee, he is so kind and full of positive energy. Lee helped me through a difficult transitional period in my life and acted as a guide, shedding light on what I really wanted and gave me a new perspective on how to gain it. His energy, inspirational attitude and deep care for others is uplifting and contagious but what's more is that he's completely authentic and genuine, making him an incredible Life Coach.

  • google 5star coach1 Lee is an amazing life coach with wisdom and strength. The little time spent with lee has had a great impact on my life without doubt ! When balance isn't in your life then lee is the man to help you find this. He is a strong hand to hold when when life is uncertain and fear holds you back!

  • google 5star coach1 I was feeling a bit stuck in life and decided to do some life coaching. Lee was superb. He helped me identify where I want to be, why I'm not there at the moment, and how to get myself going in the right direction. Life has already changed considerably since working with him. A lovely man and a great coach!

  • google 5star coach1 I met Lee at a point in my life when I was dealing with significant change. I needed someone who could help me approach my choices in a systematic and holistic way, and he has done that. He has an approach that is different and fresh, and an ability to adapt that style to meet my particular needs. He has helped me confront many issues and get onto a better life path.

  • google 5star coach1 I have been working with Lee for over 3 years. Left to my own devices I might have advanced my self-knowledge a little but nothing to the degree of insight that I have been able to develop with Lee. In fact, without such insight, I don't know which direction my life might now be taking. Now I do, and the journey has been wonderful. It has been an investment in myself.

  • google 5star coach1 He has got me to deeply scrutinise the how, the what, and the why of who I am with searing yet playful courage and honesty. With lightness, a sprinkling of humour, infectious enthusiasm, and beautiful spirituality, Lee creates a clear, quiet space that accepts and queries what you will unpack together. His incisiveness has often left me gasping & laughing at the eye-opening revelations about myself.

  • google 5star coach1 I look forward to our sessions and under his guidance have explored why I have felt unhappy in the past, and identify what I must do to become the person I want to be. Lee is hugely experienced and very empathetic, but he will also tell you some home truths when needed. Everyone at a crossroads in their life could benefit from his approach. He comes highly recommended!

  • google 5star coach1 I decided to start the life coaching sessions with Lee when I moved to London earlier last year. I seemed to have a perfect life but I know it's not what I wanted. Lee helped me to make smarter decisions when facing the crossroad, and to look inside myself to live the life I really wanted. I would recommend him to everyone who wants to make a change and live the life to the fullest. Thank you Lee.

  • google 5star coach1 Lee is a wise and thoughtful person to speak with and has some great tips on how to really find your passion in life. I really enjoyed his company and found his words a great guide for helping me to find my true and best path in life.

  • google 5star coach1 He got me thinking about what my true 'Rachelness' wanted from life. I'll be honest I did resent Lee on occasion, but this was because he was making me face my insecurities and that can be uncomfortable. Lee makes it very easy for you to talk openly about how the process is making you feel and is an extremely kind man. I have made some big changes since last year, I feel GREAT! Thank you Lee you helped me release my inner self.

  • google 5star coach1 I've worked with Lee for the last two months in an effort to bring some harmony back to my personal and professional life. Lee's background in business, as well as his spiritual side has helped greatly with practical advice while also providing a framework to re-focus my energy on the things in life that are important to me...I'm looking forward to continuing to build on the success so far - well worth the investment!

  • google 5star coach1 Lee is a very special and talented individual who I am really pleased to have 'worked' with. I decided to have life coaching as I felt I was at an important age to be making some directional choices for my career. I can say with absolute certainty this work was one of the most important investments of my time and money in my grand old 28 years of life.

  • google 5star coach1 Lee helped me when I was facing a true crisis of spirit. There are certain instances from our coaching sessions which will forever be engrained as a positive marker in my mind- serving me in recalling the importance of following the path. Thank you Lee.

  • google 5star coach1 I made some decisions that brought me to a healthier, happier and more relaxing place. I could make a decision that it was dificult for me to make and I did it feeling very confident and with the tranquility that everything will be fine. Lee guides you towards those things that make you feel better. You get to know yourself very deeply. It is a very interesting process and I want more of it.

  • google 5star coach1 I've been one of Lee's clients for about three years now and he's helped me make massive strides forward, changing a career that was draining my energy and helping to focus on what I love doing in life. He's great fun and refreshing to work with (especially when you feel tired and trapped) but he's also good at tough love too! Highly highly recommended!

  • google 5star coach1 I have been a life coach client of Lee for nearly two years and I love working with him. He has helped me to be the true me and move towards my ambition of living at peace with myself and everyone else. Wherever you are in your life journey, Lee can help you move forwards and upwards. All you need to take with you to your sessions is openess and willingness. I can't recommend him enough.

  • google 5star coach1 I came to Lee with a specific agenda. I knew I wasn't happy on the inside and I knew that I had wanted (and needed) to do things differently. Lee provided a thought provoking framework and path forward. Out of those thoughts great things have occurred. Lee is now a valuable and trusted member of my team. Don't think about it any longer - just try it for yourself.

    Syndicated from Google ★★★★★ reviews

Spiritual Life Coaching

spiritualA career crisis is often a spiritual crisis. Sometimes there are moments when we ask big questions about what life is all about. I can support you deeply...

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Finding Meaning and Purpose

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Life Coaching for Couples

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Life Coaching for Women

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