Not enough sex? Too much sex?

Too much sex? Not enough sex?


One of the joys of working as a life coach is that during a coaching relationship w,e can talk about “anything”. This uncensored openness fosters a eedom of expression that cannot be found in too many other places. The free dialogue that we enjoy often underpins the effectiveness of our life coaching work. Freedom of expression is the foundation of finding changes, solutions a,nd new ways of being in the world. It helps you learn how to live life fully without being complacent.

The subject of sex often enters our working conversation. Sex is a fundamental human experience and yet many have a frustrated relationship to it. Often our inability to talk freely about sex is often half the problem.

Sex often appears amidst discussions about infidelity, not getting any or when exploring ways that life could be much better. In many cases just having the space to own up to the importance of sex in your life is all that is needed.

I can help you attune to life-force flow in your system and to reconnect with the instinctual nature within yourself. Perhaps you feel that there is some kind of dimension is not expressed in your life and this is what you want to connect to. Maybe you are craving meaningful intimate exchange. But all you see are barriers.

Is your being searching for something? -- inner beauty, love, universal connection. Is something missing? Healthy, harmonious, beautiful connection.

I can help you reconnect with your own essence, reconnect with your nature and other human beings.

While I am not a sex therapist, I have been studying for a Masters in Human Sexuality for the past four years. This backdrop provides a safe space to explore the way that sex could be enhanced in your life. I am passionate about men stepping into their healthy masculinity and women being in their fullest sexual power. I will always honour your trust.

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