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Things seem to be changing

The meaning of life

Has anybody noticed that things seem to be changing?

It was business as usual for the last fifty years or so, but the current system is clearly fracturing.

Things started to go off the rails in 2008 and since then world leaders have been scrambling to find solutions. People entrenched in the control structures of the old-way are grasping at solutions to a problem that they do not know how to fix. There are no experts when situations have never been experienced before. New agers see these global shifts as the blossoming of a global awakening, a new world order.

And the rest of us have been woken up by the Occupy Movement and are wondering what the frick is going on.

Above it all Mother Earth continues to demonstrate her meteorological wrath.

Over the past few years more and more of my coaching clients have entered our relationship asking BIG QUESTIONS about their own lives. But I feel positive; and I love sharing that positivity. There is such an opportunity here to change ourselves... and hence change the world.

In this era of change, those who choose to innovate and align with the needs of the Heart and Earth will be creators and pioneers of the future systems.

When we move beyond our lives being about money, success and acquisition great things can happen. Non grasping happiness can blossom. Dig deep, what is it that really makes people happy? What is it that really gives life energy, meaning and purpose? Any idea? Think of all the people you know. How many of them are truly happy? How many? And those that you can think of, those that are content with their lives, inspired, empowered and energized. What do they have in common?

The people I know who are unconditionally happy, who have a resilience that tides them through both triumph and defeat, are the people who have discovered the gift that they really want to give to the world. They know how to give it in a powerful way.

I can help you find your own AUTHENTICITY. When you find authenticity and you have found a way to express it, you are well on the way to a happier existence. And it is very likely that Mother Earth will appreciate you too. Your path needn't be big and majestic. Your path will more likely be simple and loving. There really is nothing quite like loving somebody totally and being loved totally.

Many of my clients are hard working, productive, intelligent capable people living full-lives.

Have a peaceful day.


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