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What is My Purpose

Living with Purpose: A Journey to Self-Discovery

As human beings, we all face the question, "what is my life purpose?" at some point in our lives. The answer to this question can have a profound impact on our overall happiness and well-being. Living without a sense of purpose can lead to feelings of boredom, apathy, and a lack of fulfillment. On the other hand, when we have a strong sense of purpose, our lives become filled with meaning and joy. In this article, we will explore the difference between living without purpose and living a life with a felt sense of purpose.

The Lack of Purpose

When we live without a clear sense of purpose, life can seem aimless and lacking in meaning. The days blend together, and we find ourselves going through the motions without any real sense of direction. This lack of direction can lead to feelings of boredom and dissatisfaction with life. We may ask ourselves, "what is my life purpose?" but struggle to find an answer.

Living with a Felt Sense of Purpose

When we have a strong sense of purpose, life takes on a new meaning. We feel a sense of direction and a sense of fulfillment in our daily activities. The answer to the question, "what is my life purpose?" becomes clearer, and our actions are aligned with our values and goals. This clarity brings a sense of peace and contentment, and helps us to stay focused on our journey, even in the face of challenges.

Finding your Purpose

The journey towards finding our purpose can be a long and winding road, but it is a journey well worth taking. Here are some tips for discovering your purpose:

  1. Reflect on your values and what is important to you
  2. Explore your passions and interests
  3. Consider your strengths and weaknesses
  4. Reflect on the experiences that have brought you the most joy and fulfillment
  5. Consider the impact you want to have on the world

When we live without a sense of purpose, life can seem aimless and lacking in meaning. On the other hand, when we have a strong sense of purpose, our lives are filled with meaning and joy. Finding our purpose is a journey of self-discovery, and by reflecting on our values, passions, strengths, experiences, and the impact we want to have on the world, we can discover what truly gives our lives meaning. So, ask yourself, "what is my life purpose?" and begin your journey towards a life filled with purpose and meaning. 


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Your Trusty Sidekick

Going it Alone: The Lone Ranger Approach

Going it alone on the journey to finding your purpose can be a daunting task. It's like trying to navigate a maze blindfolded. Sure, you might find your way eventually, but it's going to take a lot longer and you'll likely hit a few dead-ends along the way. The road to purpose can be a bumpy one, and without a guide, you're at risk of getting lost in the wilderness of life's complexities.

The Joys of Working with a Life Coach

Enter the life coach, your trusty sidekick on the journey to purpose! With their experience and expertise, a life coach can help you navigate the maze of life with ease. They can help you identify your values, passions, and strengths, and guide you towards a sense of purpose that is authentic to you. They can help you avoid the dead-ends and speed up the process, so you can find your purpose in no time!

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Working with a life coach is like embarking on an adventure with a seasoned traveller. They've been there, done that, and have the T-shirt to prove it! With their guidance, you can navigate the ups and downs of life with ease and find your purpose in a fun and engaging way. The journey becomes less about struggle and more about excitement and exploration.

Finding your purpose can be a journey of self-discovery, but it doesn't have to be a solo journey. Working with great life coach can be a fun and engaging experience that can help you find your purpose in no time. So, put on your adventure hat and set out on the journey of a lifetime with your trusty sidekick life coach by your side! 


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Many of my clients are hard-working, productive, intelligent capable people living full lives. They are in tune with their growth and are always interested in strategies to be more purposeful, passionate, and peaceful. They use our coaching relationship as an effective, challenging, positive way to deal with life's dips, lulls, uncertainties, and energy drains.
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