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Why are Men less happy than Women

I was recently cited in the following article in the London Daily Telegraph which you may also find interesting. Why are Men less happy than Women?

The social divide in the gender's response to adverse emotion has been well documented, both academically and anecdotally. Great Life Coach, a life coach and male mentor, recognises the adverse influence that social expectations and restrictions can have on the male experience. An influence, the therapist tells me, that he believes exceeds the biological in severity.

"My observation is that sadness in men is primarily triggered by the social and cultural expectations that are placed upon them, expectations that they can't possibly live up to. Men will always have just as many problems as women, but whereas it's acceptable for women to externalise emotion, our culture expects men to deal with them with 'manly' ease.

"When you sit down with a man and discover his fears and vulnerabilities, you realise just how tender men actually are. 40 per cent of my clients are men, and most of them cite feeling isolated. Isolated from their partners, from their passions and from their communities.

"And this isolation leaves men feeling stuck and drained by their lives – some to an extent where they no longer wish it to be that way. And that is gender specific – sensitivity, vulnerability, trust, empathy – it's all been educated out of men over time. So it's no wonder we are disconnected."

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Monday, 27 January 2020

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