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intuitionWonder is the gateway to knowledge and intuition can reveal the path. 

People dissatisfied with dogma and prejudice change radically when they turn inward for direct knowledge of themSelves.

The more I've studied the mysteries and searched for the sanity of the soul, the more I've found that intuition is the key to knowing our life purpose, our whole self, and our basic interrelatedness with all people, all forms of life, and all dimensions of awareness.

We have entered a time of profound change. not in form, but in perception. This shift in the way we know is causing the world to transform. We're enormously pressured today by the first signs of this change: the accelerating speed and intensity of events, the dehumanisation of communication with others, the volume of data we must digest and respond to daily. The Information Age is making us way too heady, self-protective, and out of touch with our bodies. We need new skills to survive in this globalising world, and chief among them is: Intuition!

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