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Hi, I’m Lee. I’m an experienced life coach and mentor based in London, UK. Since 2003, I have coached thousands of people from all walks of life towards happier lives. I help my clients navigate through major life challenges and offer wisdom and guidance with career, relationships and spiritual evolution. I work with people all over the UK.

My eclectic life journey and decades of immersion in varied wisdom traditions, personal transformation, love and deep practice are the foundation of the powerful life-coaching service I share with clients today.

I offer one of the most unique life coaching styles in the UK. I don‘t apply a textbook approach. Instead, I teach from my life experience as an entrepreneur, yogi and red-pill-truth seeker. I am a razor-sharp man who dances with life.

My life coaching is always dynamic and customised to meet you where you are at.

Is my coaching strategy for you? Yes, if you want to:

  • Discover who you are and what you’re here for
  • Fall in love with yourself
  • Make sense of the world you find yourself in
  • Lead an authentic, happy life
  • Overcome career, relationship or personal life challenges
  • Identify and remove blocks and limitations that keep you away from happiness
  • Invite passion, purpose and peace into your life
  • Get out of your comfort zone and face your fears
  • Go on a deeply supported spiritual journey

My UK life coach work has been influenced by the best from entrepreneurship, personal development, business startup, love-communication, mentoring, spirituality, yoga, tantra, meditation and twenty years of coaching... A potent mix that underpins my signature deeply spiritual approach.

Through my work, I seek to help people reach their full potential and make a positive difference in the world. I am passionate about inspiring people to lead fulfiled, happy lives, overcoming challenges to come out the other side as an evolved version of themselves. I help my clients to reconnect with their passion, purpose and peace and provide them with personal development tools and methods to completely transform their lives.

My UK life coach sessions are available in person or by Zoom, Facetime or over the phone so I can help you reach your full potential regardless of your location.

Want to know how my clients are feeling about their life coach sessions? Read my testimonials.

If you’re not ready to commit to a full potential authentic life just yet, you can start your personal development journey with my free Coaching Goals Worksheet.

Any questions? Check out my FAQs call me on 0330 058 8385 or get in touch.

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What you are to do in life chooses you -- and you can choose not to do it. You can choose to try to do something safer.

If you aren't quite ready to live so juicily, check out my Free Coaching Goals Worksheet. If you have questions take a look at my FAQ. This UK life coach website is packed full of inspirational Free self-help wisdom, take a good look around.

If you're looking for guidance and support to achieve your personal and professional goals, you may be considering working with a life coach. A life coach in the UK is a professional who can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, set achievable goals, and develop strategies to overcome any obstacles in your way.

Benefits of Working with a Life Coach in the UK

Working with a life coach in the UK can have a significant impact on your life. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Clarity and Focus: A life coach can help you gain clarity on your goals and develop a focused plan to achieve them. They can also help you identify any limiting beliefs or behaviors that may be holding you back.

Accountability: A life coach can help you stay accountable to your goals and commitments. They will challenge you to stay on track and hold you accountable when you fall off course.

Motivation: A life coach can help you stay motivated and inspired to achieve your goals. They can provide encouragement, support, and guidance to help you overcome any obstacles in your way.

Personal Growth: A life coach can help you identify and address any areas for personal growth and development. They can help you build confidence, self-esteem, and resilience.

How to Find the Right Life Coach in the UK

Finding the right life coach in the UK can feel overwhelming, but with a little research, you can find the perfect coach for you. Here are some tips to help you find the right coach:

Research: Do your research online and read reviews from past clients. Look for coaches who specialize in your area of interest, such as career coaching, spiritual coaching or relationship coaching.

Experience: Woerk with an experienced life coach. I have been coaching people since 2003.

Consultation: Many coaches offer a free consultation session. Use this time to get to know the coach and ask questions about their coaching style. I offer a free initial consultation to establish our chenmistry. We can take it from there! 

Chemistry: It's essential to find a coach who you feel comfortable working with. Chemistry is critical, so make sure you feel a connection with your coach.

What to Expect from the Coaching Process

The coaching process is different for everyone, but it typically involves a series of sessions that focus on your specific goals and needs. During your sessions, your coach will help you identify any barriers to success, develop an action plan, and provide ongoing support and accountability.

It's important to remember that coaching is a collaborative process. Your coach is not there to tell you what to do or give you all the answers. Instead, they will work with you to help you uncover your own solutions and strategies for success.

Working with a life coach in the UK can be a transformative experience. By finding the right coach and committing to the coaching process, you can achieve your personal and professional goals, build confidence and self-esteem, and unlock your full potential. Whether you're looking to improve your career, relationships, health, or overall well-being, a life coach in the UK can help you get there.




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