Intuition and Intuitive Awareness

If you could...

  • Know Your true Self... Would you?   
  • Be totally aware, always... Would you?    
  • Activate your inner guidance... Would you?    
  • Enjoy ultimate support to discover the authentic You... Would you?

What kind of a person wouldn't?

intuitionIntuitive awareness is being in touch with your True Self.  Intuitive awareness is the unmoving bedrock of my life coaching work. My intuition coaching work includes:

  • Combining life skills coaching with intuition coaching
  • Customised personal intuition coaching programs
  • Life purpose awareness
  • Integration of intuition and awareness into your everyday life
  • You can know exactly what you need to know—right when you need to know it.

Are you overwhelmed by the volume of information and tasks you face? Have you noticed that logic and will power don't get the same results anymore? Whether in your personal life or in business, to cut through today's noise in pursuit of authentic answers and purposeful action, you need a new way of perceiving that integrates the direct knowing of the body and soul with the logical mind. With intuition, your insights, choices, and timing will be immediate and in perfect alignment with what's right for you.

I'd love to share what I've discovered about intuitive awareness with you! 

The more I've studied the mysteries and searched for the sanity of the soul, the more I've found that intuition is the key to knowing our life purpose, our whole self, and our basic interrelatedness with all people, all forms of life, and all dimensions of awareness; in other words the key to life itself!  Life functions according to elegant innate principles, and if we can live in alignment with these truths, things work more smoothly and effectively—and with higher quality. With increased intuition, you can easily discern new channels for creativity in your personal life or business. Your intuition might give you insight into techniques for putting problems into a new context, yielding a more rapid solution, or potentials for success on any given action path.

Intuition, awareness and life coaching

Maybe you recognise intuition as a hunch, an inner voice, gut instinct, common sense or inspiration. At all times we are unconsciously in tune with both our universe and our immediate environment, intuition allows us to discriminate the preverbal data our body is constantly picking up from the environment. An incredible resource that is there for the taking.

Intuitive awareness has been described as the art of "skilful perception"—using our awareness to create more harmony in ourselves and the world.  Your intuitive awareness is your unmovable solid ground upon which I build a quality life coaching regimen for you. Intuition is a method for continually staying in touch with your life vision or dreams enabling you to accurately live out your evolving life purpose; it can act as a vehicle to bring you an experience of connectedness with life, which is true spiritual knowing.

As a coach I will work with you to unlock the inspired guidance that comes from your higher mind, or your soul. By increasing your attention on your sensory awareness, and learning how to trust and interpret sensations, symbols, and the imagery that is constantly streaming from your unconscious, you'll find a source of information that is direct and highly useful in all aspects of your life.  You can apply this kind of attentiveness to various micro-aspects of your life, like problem-solving, creativity and innovation, self-guidance and relationships and communication; and at a macro level we can use your intuitive awareness to tap into your evolving life purpose.  There are no new discoveries here -- we simply work together to heighten your awareness of a phenomenon that you are doing already! Very exciting indeed!

Inspirational messages  Emotional awareness Recognise your unique gifts Enhance and develop spiritual growth Activate your inner guidance Discover the essence of divine purpose Partner with your inner self and understand your innermost reality Personal Intuition

As a skilled intuitive I can help cut through the "noise" in your mind to put you back in touch with your most central truths, the goals that fulfil all aspects of your self and the most efficient and joyful paths of action. Looking below the surface into the hidden patterns of your life. By bringing light to your blind spots, and helping you see your talents and gifts, I can help you reveal applicable insights about streamlining your personal growth process.

Higher perspective on your life  Understand fully what intuition is, what frees and blocks it Guidance in your personal life or business Values, energy and destination follow your purpose Getting un-stuck and finding clarity in your way forwards Heightened perception  Address spiritual purpose Encourages you to make your own decisions Delineates your life purpose, lessons, and the probability for success on various action paths.  Be more, do more, have more, and know more Professional Intuition

Intuitive awareness is being in touch with your True Self.  My intuition coaching for professionals includes:

  • Combining professional coaching with intuition coaching
  • Customised professional intuition coaching programs
  • Life purpose awareness
  • Integration of purpose, intuition and awareness into your work life

In business, as a skilled intuitive you can penetrate into the inner workings of your organization and shed light on underlying unconscious "yes, buts" that interfere with success, whether they be yours, or shared with your partners, management team, or employees. Calling out these hidden agendas can help you create from the clearest level possible and initiate actions that won't be sabotaged by people, circumstance, or procrastination. Looking under the surface for intangible influences can help solve personnel problems, assess prospective business partnerships, identify trends in pertinent markets, name and position new companies and ventures, pinpoint timing, estimate sales figures, and create and double check strategies. You can also define the most comprehensive, accurate and current vision statement for your career path and company. With alignment between true inner purpose and appropriate outer action, you and your employees will characteristically respond with increased motivation and productivity.

Intuition always needs to be grounded and related to what's practical. Intuition should fund your logical mind, not the other way around--you cannot live without logistics. In spite of your feelings You can learn how to take charge of your professional life.  Finding solutions from within and moving forward with increased insight into professional potential for positive living.

Take up the challenge of confident intuitive and awareness coaching. Using a safe and supportive foundation of trust, freedom of expression and commitment, I always work to help you explore your inner being, to regain balance in your personal and working life and to align with your true values and fullest potential. Using a stimulating face-to-face, phone support and email program customised to fit your current personal development needs, my coaching focuses on your inner guidance, purpose, skills, beliefs, techniques and processes necessary to take you into a great future.

I partner with intelligent, successful people who want to excel at their passion, gifts and unique talents in a way that brings them success, happiness and balance.

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