Happy Campers......

"Thank you so much for all our sessions which has helped me prise open my mind and see that there's creativity alive in me." Solicitor Administrator, EC1 
"This has been a reaffirming process for me which has given me the confidence to make the decisions and changes I need to make to better align my life with my values and aspirations." Estate Agent Partner, Herts.  
"When we first met I seemed to have lost the direction in life and didn't know which way to take. I felt useless and dull. Lee showed me how to find out what really matters to ME and we gave my life a new direction. Yes I can!" Mum returning to work, West London  
"Thank You! Our last session was so personalised for me, I really appreciate it. I am so inspired to change" Actress, Herts. 

"Working with Lee is an amazing experience for me. The work creates a space to explore myself that I couldn't create with my friends or my family. As an entrepreneur I was often totally stressed out, with the help of Lee's coaching I now deal with the same challenges relaxed and at ease. Further, I got a clearer sense of purpose, my relationships improved and my life has a new depth that made me realise I have only been living at the surface of my potential before. I am thrilled to continue this journey." 26yo, Chelsea  
"Thank you for doing what 3 years of analysis and 30 years of how-to books failed to achieve. You truly are a gifted life coach, thank you for doing what you do." Property Investment Millionaire, Hampstead  

"I engaged Lee initially to tackle a specific matter, but quickly our work together moved into many other aspects of my life, surprising me at how much more there can be to what I thought was an already happy life. Lee has challenged me, our sessions have been inspiring and fun, and I have really got a lot out of the life coaching by committing to action between our sessions. Its actually tough when life is already busy, but has been very worthwhile, with lots more to come..." CFO, Marylebone 

"Thanks again. Really enjoyed today's session and value your support and guidance" Writer, SE London 
"I first started working with Lee to address a general lack of purpose and direction in my life, particularly focussing on my career and relationship. Our work together has given me a fresh perspective and helped to kick-start some long overdue changes as well as learning a great deal about myself and my ability to achieve the things that I want out of life. This work has been the first step in an already exciting journey of self development." Investment Banker, Clapham 
"It's amazing, it's like having a massage from the inside-out." Secondary School Headmaster, Ealing 
"Hope I haven't been a difficult client...  As I said I do feel as though I've gained something from our work together, perhaps just not what I was expecting!" Marketing Agency VP, Notting Hill 
"Thank you lee for a very thought provoking and illuminating session." Pensioner, Oxford.

"I would like to thank you for our work together as it really has helped me put things into perspective - despite the "blip" in the middle when I thought I was going nowhere.  I feel positive about my "new life".

"It helped me focus on what key issues are really important to me - some which I had not given enough thought to in the past.  This enabled me to consider what changes I could make which would really make a difference to my outlook on life rather than continue to 'plod along' as I had been doing in the past." Accountant, Maidstone

"Lee is passionate to help you to achieve your aims.  His methods are intelligent, challenging, innovative, fun and subtle. If you are prepared to change for the better in any way, be brave and contact him" Accountancy Professional, Kent

"Thanks for getting me through a huge blockage and helping me arrive at a place I had such difficulty getting to." Management Consultant, Reading 

"Thank you for your wisdom and assistance in helping me to find my way..." Banking Executive, City 
"You are wonderful!" Lawyer, City of London

"When I first started working with Lee I had completely lost my way in life, I felt as if I had nothing to offer. Lee has shown me what I have to offer the world and once again to start feeling good about who I am. The most powerful thing Lee has given me is the ability to say who I am and what I stand for, a great feeling!" Telco Chief Accountant, Sudbury 

"I have taken the real plunge! I have packed up my business and am at college studying ceramics in a 3 year BA … anyway, it feels great to be doing something I have always yearned to do. I have managed to turn myself around." Graphic Designer, SE London 

"Lee's total commitment to my growth has ensured I have found the answers to my deepest questions. He approaches his work with love, enthusiasm and bucket loads of wisdom" Life Coach, Brighton 

"My coaching experience took me on a three month journey which helped me take control of my life to get out of a self-destructive rut.  I am now living a brighter, more hopeful, more fulfilling life." Global Publisher Group Accountant, Wimbledon 

"I really did need your guidance desperately. I feel a lot better about myself now, a lot more positive about life, even after just a few sessions, so thank you!!" Personal Assistant, Holborn

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. It is bringing unbelievable peace in me.  Smiles forever" 23yo, Fulham 
"Fifty something - think you're past it - don’t believe it. My series of fun sessions with Lee, culminated in me getting out my 'comfort zone' and becoming invincible. Prepare to visualize and you will be surprised at how you can make your world happen. Remember “Nothing will work unless you do”. Thanks Lee – recommendations of the highest order”. Business Owner, Banbury 
"Really enjoyed the session, I can see we'll be a fertile combination. Good stuff and thanks very much." Derivatives Trader, Cambridge 

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Stress Management

Stress Management and Life Coaching

stressAre you stressed?  Stress can be looked at simply as the result of the imbalance between the demands being made on you (or by you) and the resources you have to cope with those demands.

  • Demands - Money, costs, parents, deadlines, urgency, spouse, family, high expectations, time, friends etc.
    Resources - Money, tools, mental tools, abilities, thoughts, inner strength, support etc.

Do you see the stress in your life as a negative force?  Has your own company burnt you out? You do not need to!  Stress is a valuable message from your inner-self that you are currently living out of balance.  Take notice of the valuable advice from within. Do you ignore your inner self?  Even worse than ignoring your inner self, do you turn off the message by taking a "pain killer", "relaxant" or indulge in a side-track habit. 

I also offer stress reduction workshops, keynotes and seminars at your company events.

Stress is the tension that manifests in our entire mind-body when you are not honouring your true self, your values or your basic human abilities.  Stress is a signal to you that change is needed in your life.  Your incredible body knows that you are out of kilter, and is telling you so by giving you a complete mind-body experience (feel it, you are carrying it in your muscles, and it is affecting your thoughts and feelings) called stress.  If ignored, stress will embed itself into your mind-body with disastrous results called dis-ease.  It is sometimes hard to see the full picture when you are in a state of panic; I can help you. If you suffer from panic attacks, try this.

Listen to what your body is saying and seize the opportunity of confident ongoing change towards a state of inner-peace and stress free living.  As a life and stress management coach I help you tune into the messages that your stress is trying to reveal to you, sharing with you valuable skills that you can apply through your entire life, training you in using bodily awareness and intuition techniques that can transmute your stress into guidance that will allow you to assert yourself and change your life for the better.  Stress management becomes intuitive guidance, which becomes an agent for starting to live a peaceful, fulfilling life.  Alchemy in action.  Think about it, if you were not stressed, you would not have read this and you would not be considering making lasting positive changes to the way that you living.

The law that ‘what YOU perceive, think and believe, is reality’ will be the ‘life, the reality and the day-to-day living’ – which you will experience.

Stress management life coaching will make great use of the arts of intuitive awareness and life purpose coaching as well as the opportunities that are presented creating balance in your life, by life change in general, or maybe a career change.  The coaching goal is to create a state of lasting peace and happiness.  As a stress management coach I customise a program for you that takes your stress and turns it into the basis for creating a great life for yourself.  

Reflect on your stress, you will see that the stress you feel is not a result of what is actually happening to you, much of your stress comes from what you think about that isn’t happening at the moment -- you are worried about the future or angry about the past, or just consumed and overwhelmed by the demands our capitalist culture place on you... As a Life Coach I help already successful people navigate the challenges, changes and dreams that arise through adult life.  I relish change as the most powerful tool we have to get what we want out of life.  I will support you through the changes you want to make to achieve the stress-free life you desire.  

Stress impacts on businesses as well in terms of productivity, absenteeism and staff turn-over. Stress is now the number one cause of absenteeism at work. The UK Health and Safety Executive estimate that more than 50% of all sickness absence is due to stress and that 500,000 people are severely suffering from work related stress in the UK

Stress affects attitude, flexibility, effectiveness and the ability to think clearly. Stress is not only about workload, the causes of stress and the ways that we deal with it are different for everyone. Stress can be defined as 'the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed on them'. The key here is that you can't always stop excessive pressure or demand - but you can change your adverse reaction. People are a major asset in business, it makes sense to look after them. This not only benefits the person, it massively impacts on the business

Stress can have a massive effect on any business, not just through absenteeism, but also through lack of cooperative working, lack of attention to detail, bad management and poor working practices. A stressed employee is also likely to experience a decrease in commitment to their job

Common stress symptoms are typically impatience, irritability, anxiety, boredom or frustration. Stress can also cause us to feel anything from hopelessness to rage and cause problems that will eventually effect long term health. We often feel that we can't do anything about stress, that it's 'just the way it is'. But if we choose to ignore stress signals, the consequences are enormous. Long term stress is paralysing and destructive.

stress managementTake up the challenge of designing a stress-free future. Using a safe and supportive foundation of trust, freedom of expression and commitment, I always work to help you explore your inner being, to regain balance in your personal and working life and to align with your true values and fullest potential. Using a stimulating face-to-face, phone support and email program customised to fit your current personal development needs, my coaching focuses on your inner guidance, purpose, skills, beliefs, techniques and processes necessary to take you into a great no-failure future.

I partner with intelligent, successful people who want to excel at their passion, gifts and unique talents in a way that brings them success, happiness and balance. Otherwise, do what you always did and you will get what you always got!

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  • Too Stressed to doing anything about it?

If you are too stressed to contact Great Life Coach at this time you may be interested in the following self-help for stress relief!

Try This...

It's no secret that stress is a big factor in many lives, but often we underestimate its effect on us and our bodies. Just as aches and pains can change our state of mind, in the same way, our thoughts and feelings can affect our bodies. This is known as the Mind-Body Connection.  When we feel stressed, our body tenses up. We get a "tension headache," or we lose our appetite, or our shoulders get really tight. It's our body's way of telling us that something is out of balance.

Our bodies weren't really designed to sit in one position without moving, and yet "work," as many of us know it, consists of doing exactly that. When we sit motionless while working under pressure or feeling panicked, we can end up storing that stress physically in various places in the body, be it a tension headache, sore back, tight shoulders and neck.

This continues to be a beautiful process to watch: when we are open to what our bodies are saying to us, we are then open to our own healing. Pain is our body's way of trying to talk to us, of saying, "Hey! I don't like this! This really hurts, and I'm trying to get your attention!" Pain means there's something not quite right. It makes sense when you think about it really--when we are in a pain-free state, a state free of tension, we are in a state of ease, balance, and harmony.

So start to notice your thoughts and feelings when you feel your shoulders tense up. Take a deep breath, consciously relax, and try to listen when your body talks. So what can we do when we find ourselves in a state of physical tension?

Here are ten easy steps to a more stress-free life:

  • Live in your body, not in your head.
  • Remember to breathe
  • Become aware of your posture.. change it
  • Make a conscious effort to get up and walk around every half-hour or so.
  • Notice your inner dialogue
  • Be your own best friend. Ask yourself why am I nervous? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Why?
  • Be realistic about your limitations
  • Cry when you need to
  • Maintain a good sense of humour
  • Exercise the stress out of your body... go to the gym

OK now that you have done that.... are you interested in working with a life coach?

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