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Life coaching and Psychotherapy

Life coaching is a profession focussed on the health and wellness of individuals. It is NOT therapy or psychotherapy. We look from today forwards, not at the past!  You will not be working with a shrink! You will be working with a life-experienced, happy, successful person. In many cases if you are a well-functioning adult, coaching can complement your work with other therapies and counselling.

It has been said that "Psychology is the disease it purports to cure". I work with most psychological issues by examining them at their source, by respecting deepest feelings and honouring all that it is to be alive. Mental health is available to all of us when we realise that thoughts create our reality. 

Life coaching is not an appropriate support for mental illness or if you are under psychiatric supervision.

I am not a psychotherapist or psychologist and I am not an advisor! I do not give advice. My coaching talent is driven from the fabric of my being working in harmony with the richness of my own life experiences. My invigorative approach focuses on the power to be found in the peak experiences of your life, rather than past issues. Together we fight the enemy of fear and the retarding effects of living in a culture that is saturated with notions of blame and judgement.

There is a new realm of psychology called positive psychology.  Life coaching has a lot to offer that discipline. BUT, I am also a fan of negative psychology, the shadow has a lot to offer us. I am a fan of helping people reveal and face their shadow.

In your research to find a life coach, you may have noticed that a large number of coaches come from a psychology / counselling background; I do not. I am sure that many of these folks do brilliant work; they may have great experience in working with "ill people" helping them get better, but have they ever built a large business from start-up to floatation? Have they ever lead a large team of people?  Are they happy?  Are they successful? Are they balanced? Are they spiritual? These are all questions you should ask!  Experience, happiness, balance, joy and love are all infectious!  Get infected!  I work with well-people to help them get better! 

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Medical Issues

No medical advice is given nor is life coaching a substitute for medical advice. Always contact your doctor if you feel you need medical advice or treatment.

In certain cases I am able to coach people with physical medical conditions or situations.  If this is the case, please get in touch and we will establish if I can help. I am not able to support people with mental illness.

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