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No Direction, Stuck, Lost or in a Fog

If you are Lost? Stuck? Bored? Stressed? Confused? Exhausted? Directionless? Disconnected? Unbalanced? Powerless? Miserable? Lonely? Numb? Dead? AND you are ready to live a Passionate, Purposeful and Peaceful life THEN welcome to Great Life Coach, I can help! You are in the right place because lost-ness, stuck-ness and confusion is one of the most ...

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Why are Men less happy than Women

I was recently cited in the following article in the London Daily Telegraph which you may also find interesting. Why are Men less happy than Women? The social divide in the gender's response to adverse emotion has been well documented, both academically and anecdotally. Great Life Coach, a life coach and male mentor, recognises the adverse influenc...

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Overcoming Depression

I read today that around 1 in 4 Britons will suffer from a mental health problem within a given year. There are over 22 Million people in the USA on anti-depressants. There's no wonder really given the out-of-touch-with-nature lifestyle that so many people lead. Information overwhelm, constant change, unlimited options, great wealth, instant global...

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Fear of Success, fear of Failure

What is your relationship to Success and Failure? The forces of success and failure often affect our ways in the world. I offer success coaching to individuals as well as providing motivational talks to groups/audiences. Some ponderances for you... So is success what happens when you do not fail? What if you could not fail, would you be successful?...

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Does being a victim help you?

Does Playing the Victim Ruin Your Life? "If only... If only..." As a coach I often get to work with people in a space of deep honesty. Together we take a good look at a client's life situation and their relationship to that situation. We gain insights into their truest feelings (not the roles that veneer the feelings). We then go on to reveal the b...

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