How to become Self Employed

So you have spotted the golden opportunity of self-employment; enjoying complete responsibility for creating your own wealth. Be your own boss. Complete time management.  Freedom (give or take some burocracy)… giving your gift where you are in charge and you are as good as your clients tell you.

So what are you going to do?  As a life coach with a lifetime of experience of starting and growing businesses and mentoring others to do the same I suggest the following strategy initially for yourSelf… 

Try This...

Ask yourSelf.

Why – What is my intent and motivation for becoming self employed and starting a business?  Why am I doing this and what message am I putting out to the universe – what do I hope to achieve by this way of spending my time.  Is it mighty fine to fail? Am I in it for the long haul?  Or is this one of life’s great learning experiences?  Where is your heart?

What – What is it that I am doing.  Is it aligned with my sense of purpose, my calling, my dream, my gift to the world?

Who – What role do I play.  Who am I as a self-employed person?  Is that in alignment with my values, my purpose, my passions, talents and skills and the authentic me?  Is this path really right for you?

Where – Where indeed? Are you in the best location?  How can you OPTIMALLY Start a business?  What optimal questions can you ask?  Where is the BEST place to start your business, considering my chosen offering and my own life desires for the next chapter of my life.

When -- When can you OPTIMALLY Start your business?  What is the plan?  What is the backup plan.

How – Yes indeed what is your plan?  What is your optimal plan?

As an entrepreneurial life coach I can help you methodically answer all these questions and more, building a platform of certainty before you move down the path of self-employment, going it alone and entrepreneurship. And when you realize that looking seriously at self-employment is really all about small business startup, you will need to ask the same set of questions, this time in terms of the business itself!

I partner with intelligent, successful people who want to excel at their passion, gifts and unique talents in a way that brings them success, happiness and balance. Otherwise, do what you always did and you will get what you always got!

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