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2020 Cancelled? The Covid-19 Opportunity

2020 cancelled? I think not. 

2020 has given everyone on the planet an opportunity to redefine their Spiritual life, their expression of Love, their path in life and their relationship to the precious Mother Earth. So, folks, let's get our house in order and make use of our seclusion to get stuck into some PROFOUND personal development, nay EVOLUTION-of-Humanity Work. I can support you with deep inner work, tools and life-hacks to prepare the ground for your own personal transformation and re-invention into the next post-CoVid phase of your life. If you are looking from some serious wisdom, support and holding through this time, do please give me a call at 0330 058 8385

I feel great compassion to those directly affected by sickness and the medical community who are on the front lines of this greatest of life challenges.  But while 15% of us wrestle with the raw energies of life and death, the other 85% of us have some evolution of humanity work to do.

Trust in Life. We have what it takes otherwise we wouldn't be here right now.

2020 was just getting cranked up and along came an era-defining pandemic. A true "worst-case-scenario" that wasn't planned for. We all find ourselves in an unprecedented moment in time. As always, the only thing that is certain is constant change – but this time around, the constant change is rattling almost every structure and continuity of our civilised life to the core. The frailty of the interwoven systems we all depend on to survive has been revealed. The fabric of our modern world is being shredded. Let's remember how precious we all are and how precious life is.

The good life as we know it is no longer viable. Consider everything we take for granted: perpetual economic growth; endless technological and moral progress; a global marketplace capable of swiftly satisfying a plethora of human desires; easy travel over vast distances; regular trips to foreign countries; year-round agricultural plenty; an abundance of synthetic materials for making cheap, high-quality consumer goods; air-conditioned environments; wilderness preserved for human appreciation; vacations at the beach; vacations in the mountains; skiing; morning coffee; a glass of wine at night; better lives for our children; safety from natural disasters; abundant clean water; private ownership of houses and cars and land; a self that acquires meaning through the accumulation of varied experiences, objects, and feelings; human freedom understood as being able to choose where to live, whom to love, who you are, and what you believe; the belief in a stable climate backdrop against which to play out our human dramas. None of this is sustainable the way we do it now. 

—- Roy Scranton

Mother Earth is surely breathing a sigh of relief as the Earth-chomping pollution-farting capitalist machine splutters to a sudden halt.

"Your fish is sick. Germ theory: isolate the fish. Terrain theory: clean the tank."

With many parallels to the climate crisis, this COVID-19 outbreak challenges us to think about...

  • Our relationship to death
  • Our spiritual relationship to all of Life
  • Our relationship to ourselves and who we really are
  • Our relationship to our community
  • Our relationship to the Earth

WOW. What we do next will define humankind for the next few hundred years. 

The Personal Spiritual Opportunity 

Be Real with what is. See the fear of death, fear of the unknown, fear of scarcity.

Let go of certainty. The opposite isn't uncertainty. It's openness, curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox, rather than choose up sides. The ultimate challenge is to accept ourselves exactly as we are, but never stop trying to learn and grow.

—Tony Schwartz

Your feelings are valid and real. And there is no denying we are all experiencing a variety of intense emotions right now in these uncertain and confusing times. Fear, anger, sadness, uncertainty, confusion, disconnectedness, loneliness and more fear. And now more than ever it is important to move through these emotions. To bring presence to them, to feel them fully, so they can create space for more presence within you.

Trust in Life.

When we address what we are feeling and move it through our body, we can create more presence. When we are present, our nervous system is relaxed and we can then make more informed better decisions for ourselves and our families/communities wellbeing.

But as we get real with what is there, we can palpably feel a deeper opportinity…


To be effective we all need a willingness to live into the unknown. 

I can live with doubt and uncertainty and not knowing. I think it is much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers that might be wrong. If we will only allow that, as we progress, we remain unsure, we will leave opportunities for alternatives. We will not become enthusiastic for the fact, the knowledge, the absolute truth of the day, but remain always uncertain … In order to make progress, one must leave the door to the unknown ajar.

—Richard P. Feynman

We don't like uncertainty do we? Our civilization and our sense of self is built upon the illusion of certainty. Indeed, the cushioned times that we are living in have reduced uncertainty from everyday living like never before. In many ways the news simply tells us about the uncertainties, as they appear. We love predictability, we are addicted to it.

As our foundations are rattled, where can we stand? Our centre wobbles and burps up relentless fears and efforts to preserve the self and the old order of things. Familiar?

Trust in Life.

We must fully be with all that is in our experience. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to handle emotions like fear and anxiety. In meditation we can make contact with a part of ourselves, a part of life that is more profound. A place where we can hold the ambiguity, the paradoxes. Spend time with the raw energies of life. Inhabit them. Be curious. There is a gift-of-life to be discovered there that is CERTAIN. A source of wisdom for what to do next. When layer after layer fall away, we eventually make contact with a ground-of-being. A ground that is certain, it is still, like a mountain, it is the real you.

There is a better way to navigate these times. Surrender to them.

The Earth Opportunity

When I left London a few days ago I could see a certain beauty in the empty expanses of public spaces, the empty river and the empty skies filled with sunshine.

In my heart of hearts, I also feel a sense of excitement and possibility for a powerful collective shift in consciousness. What an opportunity for profound change, learning from the lessons of the last 200 years. 2020 isn't cancelled, if we play this right it could be a profound start to a whole new era. Maybe an era defined by a new relationship to life, love, connection and respect for the Earth and its animals. May all creatures be Safe, Healthy, Joyful and Free.

How I can Help You embrace the CoVid-19 Opportunity 

As a Life Coach, I have 17 years of deep experience of supporting people to squeeze Passion, Purpose and Peace out of life. The cultural-paradigm has changed, but the fundamentals that I can teach you are more relevant now than ever. If you are to successfully birth yourself through this time, YOU have much inner WORK to do. 

If you are looking from some serious wisdom, support and holding through this time, do please give me a call at 0330 058 8385. I can help you with...

  • Coping - relaxing OUT of fear, and INTO trust. Embracing the unknown is at the heart of the mystical path, so let's befriend it.
  • Making sense of the World - Learn to cultivate Love and connection with each other and your community. One starting point may be holding compassionate space for your own pain or the pain of those close to you who are being impacted by the policies and politics of the time.
  • Meditation Guidance - Reconnecting to life in a time of seclusion. Get real. You are not this anxiety, but you can observe it with compassion. You are not this depression, but you can let it be.
  • Reconnect with your Self - Finding steady ground: strengthening our spirits to resist and thrive in these times. Love yourself.  Become aware of what impulse you are following: fear or love, self preservation or generosity.
  • Dancing with Life and Death
  • Seeing the Global Opportunity - Pollution has dropped since Jan 1! Let's take a heart-felt look at civilization and the state of the world, let's pivot through this time and build one more beautiful. I can help you find your own inner guidance to go and do that.
  • Reconnect with your Community - beautiful moments of human solidarity, and communities coming together to help those hardest hit. Now, it just does not matter what we believe, what our politics are, how much money we have or don't have. All that really matters is that we live into our deepest humanity and co-operate to support and serve one another, bringing our gifts towards whatever best helps, heals and serves. Let's get serious about taking care of each other. What do communities look like that are founded on fear?
  • Innovation and Redefining who you are - In our darkest moments we discover the resourcefulness that lies within us. Look ahead with purpose and action. Let me bring structure to your self-discovery. Let's make the next chapter of your life a magnificent one.
  • Career Change
  • Practising Authentic Loving Relationship

It is challenging to make predictions as to how the next few months will unfold. Our first priority is to keep everyone as safe as possible and at the same time provide support and community in the ways we can.

2020 isn't cancelled, we have all been given the opportunity of an era.

Our apocalypse is happening day by day, and our greatest challenge is learning to live with this truth while remaining committed to some as-yet-unimaginable form of future human flourishing. 


Eventually this crisis will end, and at that point we have an opportunity to rewrite the story of humanity. Will we use this pause in business-as-usual to reassess consumerism, globalism, and how we define a well-lived life? Or will we scurry back to business as usual? That's up to us.

I look forward to joining together and supporting you during these wild times. Please take good care yourself and of each other,

I encourage all of you to pray, as I do, for everyone who has been affected by this or any other sickness – those who have died, those who are sick, those quarantined, their families, their loved ones – and for the welfare of all the healthcare workers and first responders.

Trust in Life. We have what it takes otherwise we wouldn't be here right now. Sending you a virtual e-hug. Let us hold hands firmly and walk forwards. Let's find out what's on the other side together.

Sending you many blessings.

Here for you


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