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deathxcoachHere’s a thought for the day. I’m no genius, but with reasonable certainty, none of you will be here a hundred years from now. You will all be 100% gone, without a trace. Everybody alive right now will probably be gone too. We shall all cease to exist as we know ourselves. The world will be filled with new people, with new dreams and new struggles.
Yes folks, we are all going to die. There’s no news here, right, you already know this. Yet death is a subject most of us avoid. Unless we watch movies about it happening to other people!

What is a life coach doing writing about death you might ask?! Simply put, death is so close and life is so precious. If you are to live a vital and purposeful life, it is worth reconciling your relationship to life and death while you have the chance!

How might your life today, the decisions you make, the people you connect with, be affected by this knowledge? The prospect of death requires you to take a good look at your life.

What are you doing with your life? Is it robotic and treadmill driven or is it flowing, expressive, beautiful and alive? Is it time for change? I might be able to help you make that change.

Most days we deny the possibility of dying in how we live, we deny it in our actions. Most of us behave as though we are going to be around forever. Some of us behave as though we are already dead by avoiding what life has to offer or by numbing our aliveness.

As a life coach I have become fascinated by people’s relationship to death. The most pungent opportunities for personal evolution and the attainment of peace can be harvested from an open discussion about death. 

One Hundred Years is such a short time to get to know your Self. Where can you go to discuss Life’s Big Questions like; what is life, what is death and who am I? ... Especially if religious platitudes no longer convincingly deliver.

Maybe today is a great day to take a good look at how you are living your life, given that death is a most certain truth. Give me a call, together we can explore opportunities to live more passionately, purposefully or peacefully, while you are alive. I can support you to make tangible changes towards your innate happiness. We can co-explore life’s mysteries and even talk about death. Especially if you are hungry for opening and realising the sacred miracle that you are.

Hopefully your own radical-end will be many years from now. Have a great day!

If you are interested in taking about death (or any other life challenge for that matter) get in touch!

Death Coach

Many thanks to JD Hancock @ Flickr creative commons for the image

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