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I am your trusty sidekick. Your confidente. Your consigliere.

Over the years I have recognized that the pastoral role that I provide to my clients is utterly unique. We have few places to truly say it how it is; to be vulnerable and accepted. Not many people have a network of close friends to whom they can reveal their most intimate secrets. As a supportive confidant, I can help you bring perspective to your life and your life situation. A non-judgemental listening ear may be all that is needed to birth you into the next phase of your life journey. We might talk about porn, affairs or feelings of powerlessness. We could talk about authenticity, love, or that inner sadness.

Working confidentially with Great Life Coach can have many advantages. Some of these include:

  • Understanding and empathy: Men often find it easier to open up and be vulnerable with other men because they can relate to each other's experiences and challenges. They may also be more comfortable discussing sensitive or personal topics with another man, as they are less likely to feel judged or misunderstood.
  • A different perspective: Working with another man can provide a different perspective on issues and problems. Men may have different ways of approaching and solving problems, and this can be beneficial when trying to find solutions.
  • Confidentiality and trust: When working with another man, there is a level of trust and confidentiality that can be built up over time. We are more likely to share personal and sensitive information with someone they trust, and this can be beneficial when trying to work through difficult issues or problems.
  • Support and encouragement: I will support and encourage each other in working towards their goals and aspirations. I will hold you accountable and provide motivation when needed.
  • Personal growth: Working with another man can be a powerful tool for personal growth and development. Men may be able to discover new insights about themselves and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships.

It's important to note that working confidentially with another man does not mean that men should only rely on other men for support, it's also essential to have a diverse network of support. A life coach can provide a different perspective, professional guidance and support. Each person has their own unique perspective and all can be beneficial.

If we can be honest about our painful and confusing feelings, coaching work can be a time for reassessment and reappraisal, a learning period providing the opportunity to change. Every pain is an opportunity to learn, grow, and reclaim some parts of ourselves. We may become more interested in exploring parts of ourselves that we have lost touch with, develop greater self-knowledge and a sense of inner strength, and be less dependent on the approval of others. We may cultivate a greater interest in spiritual matters and express hidden skills and creativity. Some men also find that their relationships become deeper and more rewarding.

Together we will discuss anything that is brought into our space. I will share grounded tools for daily life along with plenty of love, wisdom and laughter. Do get in touch for a chat to see if I can support you, whatever the challenge.

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