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"I contacted Lee six months ago as I was about to make a big choice to leave my job and change my life. I wanted help from someone who was not invested in my life in any way, and thus could objectively support and challenge me as I powered through that change. I hadn’t expected to enjoy the process quite so much, or to get from Lee so much more than I’d bargained for. Do not be fooled into thinking that coaching with Lee will simply examine the practical mechanics of your life. He has got me to deeply scrutinise the how, the what, and the why of who I am with searing yet playful courage and honesty. With lightness, a sprinkling of humour, infectious enthusiasm, and beautiful spirituality, Lee creates a clear, quiet space that accepts and queries what you will unpack together. His incisiveness has often left me gasping/laughing at the eye-opening revelations about myself. I am learning to become who I am and fully inhabit an amazing life for myself, and I am deeply grateful & happy that I chose to invest in this work." Consultant & Entreprenuer, Bristol

"Thank you for the wonderful session today. I really feel such important shifts in my life, your guidance and support have been phenomenal." Unhappy wife, London

"Lee is a perceptive and non-judgemental listener with the ability to understand quickly and easily the core issues that need to be addressed. His techniques enable one to really look inside oneself and remove blockers that prevent progress. Powerful stuff!" Solicitor, Finchley

"My thankyou was heartfelt Lee. Our work together has helped me to think differently and get me through a very difficult period in my life. Thank you. You have a special gift. Speak soon." Food Entrepreneur, Hertford

"When I first met with lee I did not really know what to expect. I had lots of questions about life in general and was struggling with some issues. After several sessions I now feel more clarity and focus. The work is not done yet but I look forward to our sessions together with excitement. Lee is a good listener and will choose his replys to questions wisely helping you to gain another perspective. I would defiantly recommend to anyone who has the courage to look for more from life. Thanks lee." Electrician, North London

"I knew immediately that I had found someone with a depth of wisdom, warmth and compassion who would not hesitate to put the challenging questions but who would also be there to encourage and support me. I am now able to see the path ahead with much greater clarity and I KNOW it's the right one!" Private School Head Teacher, London Docklands

"Coaching helps you learn about yourself and feel the better for it, Lee is highly professional and always puts your best interests first." Business Analyst, Notting Hill

"I am so glad I am doing this. I am so glad I am doing this with you. I am so proud of myself that I am taking action." Global IT Manager, Melbourne, Australia
"So Lee, I say a big thank you for our time together. I really have enjoyed it and you have given me plenty to think about over the past few months. In many ways I believe you helped steer me towards realising what it is that I am meant to be doing. You're an incrediby interesting person and I have learnt a lot from your outlook - it has been refreshing to say the least!" Lawyer, Moorgate

"I am enormously grateful for the way in which you have helped me to break through some of the blockages in my life and for the sound advice you have provided through a challenging yet exciting period. I also hope to see you at the opening of my bar next year! " Investment Banker, City

"Thanks for your great support! It is helpful and skilful. Look forward - as ever - to next meeting." Health services entrepreneur, East London

"Thank you for all your help and support over the last few months it has been great to work with you" NHS Trust Senior Executive, Hertfordshire

"The most valuable thing you have given me is perspective - a realisation that wellbeing comprises simultaneously satisfying a number of needs, and there is really no point over-focussing. Trite of course, and I knew that already, but you have really deepened my understanding of this truth. But the best thing of all: the belief that anything is possible. We are limited only by our own minds. Fantastic!" Senior Lawfirm Partner, Westminster

"'I found Lee a joy to work with, gently leading you down a fascinating path of self-discovery towards an answer or solution you were looking for, but may not have found on your own. I can recommend him highly." Hedge Fund Manager, Chelsea

"I think I was very fortunate to try your web-site first when I was looking for a life coach. I have found your guidance to be objective and uncomplicated, and you have always provided me with much needed focus. You look as though you have been eating light bulbs!" IT Professional, London Docklands

"As at now, about six months after engaging in this coaching process, I feel good, and that I have made amazing progress in discovering/digging out who I am. The validation I get out of work is being replaced by the joy of honouring my values – I get more and more fulfilled by the joy of being a loving and caring, person." VP Marketing and Development, North London

"I got some quality time to relax and think about everything... I'm still really excited about all the work we did last year." Technology Entrepreneur, Islington

"Working with Lee helped me focus where I want to go next in my life. The programme is well structured and allows achieving goals within the time frame. Lee is engaging and obviously enjoys what he is doing. Great stuff!" Oncology Consultant, Muswell Hill

"I contacted Lee when I realised the changes I needed in my life and myself were too daunting to manage on my own. Lee helped me through a journey of self discovery. I felt empowered all the way in the knowledge that Lee wasn't judging me or finding answers for me. I have resurfaced 'the real me' that had been hidden for years and am facing the new year full of ambition and determination." Management Consultant, St. Albans

"I felt very confused about which direction to take in life. Lee didn't tell me what the right answer was. What he did was to teach me the tools to realise what the possibilities were for me and then focus on the ones which really suited me. Thanks" Dental Surgeon, Farringdon

"When I first got in touch with you I was just looking for some help in getting promoted and making the best of a career I wasn't really happy with. You've helped me understand what it is I truly value in life, to rediscover my creativity and to start to believe that, instead of making the best of a joyless career, I can change direction and realise my dreams. It's been brilliant working with you". Partner Big 5 Consultancy, City of London

... and so on...

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The Life Walk Process (Self Help Coaching Resource)

If you are looking for a reflective way to spend a sunny morning this Summer then why don't you give my Life Walk Process a try. This is a process I developed ten years ago to help coaching clients take stock of their unfolding life-journey.

During the warmer months, I often hold my coaching sessions outdoors in Nature or in London's great parks. Many parks have gorgeous avenues of trees. These avenues prompted me to develop the Life Walk process. I sometimes facilitate this process with clients, but it can be a revealing process to do by yourself.

So, one sunny day, get yourself down to the local park (Battersea, Hyde, Green and St James are all great!), and see what you can learn about yourself.

The Life Walk Process

This simple exercise creates a sense of perspective, journey and progress through your life. Be playful and take a friend along if you'd like.

Find a park with an avenue of trees in a row. Count the trees and take note of how many there are. Use each tree to represent the passing of 7 years. When I use the splendid avenue of London Plane trees in Battersea Park, each tree represents 7 years.

    • Go to the first tree, this is the time that you were born. Take some quality time there to reflect on the circumstances of what you know about your birth, feeling into your relationships with your parents and life at that time. Feel into being a new-born version of yourself. Feel feelings, take perspectives, compassionately reflect, take some notes if you like.
    • Move onto the next tree, you are now 7 years old. Take some quality time there to reflect on the circumstances of what you know about being a 7yo version of yourself. Feeling into your relationships with parents and family and life at that time. Feel into being a 7yo version of yourself. Feel feelings, take perspectives, compassionately reflect, take some notes if you like.
    • Move onto the next tree, you are now 14 years old. Take some quality time there to reflect on the events and circumstances of what you know about being a 14yo version of yourself. Reflect on events. Feel into your relationships with parents, family and friends at that time. Feel feelings, take perspectives, compassionately reflect, take some notes if you like.
    • Move onto the next tree and add another 7years. Continue with this process until you reach the tree that represents your current age. When you reach that point, look back down the avenue of trees. How do you feel about your life journey so far? How have you loved and loved yourself? Make notes.
    • Now turn to look forwards, into the future. Reflect on what you want for yourself into the future. What do you want more of? What do you want less of?
    • Start to walk into the future, one tree, seven years at a time. At each tree, reflect on what life might be like at that age. Look back, take notes. Face towards the future and reflect on what you could change today that would make your future journey even more passionate, purposeful, or peaceful?
    • Keep going into your 70's 80's and beyond! How long might you like to live?
    • When you have completed the process, go enjoy an ice-cream.

I hope you enjoy this exercise and find it valuable. At the very least, enjoy your walk in the park! When I facilitate the process, there are loads of additional subtleties that we can explore. If you'd like me to facilitate it for you, do Get in Touch!


I have always been fascinated by the life-perspectives that this process generates for people. At its core, it reveals to us how short life's journey really is. It teaches us to make the most of every day, rather than letting life happen to us.

Sometimes there is value in exploring 7-Year cycles with a client. If the Life Walk Process intrigues you, see if you can spot your life's 7-year cycles. Which very generally might look something like this…

14-28 Outward observing
21-28 Inward observing
28-35 Reshaping based on observations
28-42 Reforming inside and outside
42-56 Being a time of expressive outward being

Life Coaching is about supporting people through change. There's a good chance that this process might prompt you to make changes. But as is so often the case, there are brave people, and then there's you! Maybe the only bravery that is needed is to ask for some support! Rather than coercing and bludgeoning yourself into making a change, I can hold a coaching space for you that sponsors change from a deeper place.

Together we can explore the philosophies of living powerfully as a human being. Knowing the higher realm and deeper truths, knowing the beauty of life, and knowing the fulfilment of growth. Our work together can transcend whatever situation you find yourself in, wherever you started from. Often, when there is no mystical element to life, no elevated order, no magical discovery, we feel lost. What if intelligence were everywhere, not just in our heads. If you are in tune with the truth, then the time to change will come at the right time.

If you are going to be an authentic individual... How do you do it? How do you get confidence to do it? How can you change your world and therefore, the World? I can help, do give me a call.

My clients come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. They are productive and capable people living full-lives. They are in-tune with their growth and are always interested in strategies to be more peaceful. If you are interested in bringing more peace into your life, I can help you. Together we will evolve juicy strategies to have you feel more peaceful, transformed, and alive.

Do get in touch for a confidential initial consultation to see if I can help you return to inner happiness that is your birth right.


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