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Setting some Life Goals

Life goals – I can help you realize your life dreams

image by jonny goldsteinDoes your career contribute to your life goals?  How does your career move you towards accomplishing your dreams?  What role does it play in your big picture?  Do you have a big picture?  What about raising a family?  What do you want out of life?  What are your financial goals? What if you could not fail?

If you'd like to do some self-help work to set some life goals, then take a look at my Life Walk Process. I hope you find it valuable.

My life coaching work asks many questions of you.  By asking these questions I am able elicit answers from you that can shape your future.  Honest answers and honest actions can move you towards happiness.  Let’s start today!

Work is play – Oh yes it is, otherwise it would be too much like work!


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UK life coaching

Coaching Worksheet

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