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Ladders – I can help you climb the right one

Photo by www.lumaxart.comMost people live beyond their means, because it feels good.  Do you have a sense of climbing a ladder?  Where is it taking you?  Higher and Higher?  Is it better up there?  Do you enjoy more time with your friends and family?  Can you see the rat race below?

Whose ladder are you climbing?  Are you successful or are you a failure? The one that your parents gave you?  That your education told you about?  The one that the 150,000 advertisements that you see everyday says that you must climb in order to be a better human being? What criteria do you use to measure success?  Peace?

Does your ladder deliver?  Is your ladder against the wrong wall?  You may be interested in my introductory video on how to build your career.

Our coaching work together will help you understand all this social and career climbing you have been doing; or think you need to do.  Our coaching alliance will very tangibly allow you to confidently bring about change in your career, your relationships and the way that you relate to the world.



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