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Career Coaching - Facing Redundancy, an Opportunity for Change

career change coachFacing Redundancy – I can help you feel great

Redundancy.  What a word.

People facing redundancy feel failure, dejection, being let down, being out of control in their core.  It is often hard to see the picture in a panic and working with a life coach can help you seize the opportunity that exists for you in a redundancy – managing your way through the crisis – putting you back in control.

I have noticed an interesting trend among a segment of people who contact me to explore a coaching relationship.  A large proportion are people who turn to a life coach while they still have a job; they call up saying “I cannot do this anymore… I need help, get me out of here, aaaargh!” and sometime later they get made redundant!  People can feel it in their bodies, they know that all is not well, their bodies tell them, and they ask for help ahead of the need!  Our coaching work saves the day and they are able to power their way forwards, delivering on their dreams.


Try this...

Always act on your instincts.

Get in touch with that friend whose name keeps floating across your mind; take that flyer that seems intriguing for reasons you can't quite figure out. Don't make your instinct raise its voice - just listen the first time.


By taking action you can meet the world half way.  If you have been made redundant or are facing redundancy… get in touch with me (and your Self!) and I can explain how a coaching alliance can help you navigate the times ahead from a place of control.  We can design a relationship that is sensitive to your urgency and budgetary needs.

A career crisis is a spiritual crisis.

As a life coach my gift is to help you embrace your career as a path that will allow you to be who you really are, a path of meaning and if you are open to it, a path of happiness.  Take up the challenge of designing a confident career driven future. Using a safe and supportive foundation of trust, freedom of expression and commitment, I always work to help you explore your inner being, to regain balance in your personal and working life and to align with your true values and fullest potential. Using a stimulating London-based face-to-face program customised to fit your current personal development needs, my lifecoaching focuses on your inner guidance, purpose, skills, beliefs, techniques and processes necessary to take you into a great future.

I partner with intelligent, successful people who want to excel at their passion, gifts and unique talents in a way that brings them success, happiness and balance. Otherwise, do what you always did and you will get what you always got!

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