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Meditation Teacher - Learn how to master meditation

Meditation and Meditation Coaching (London)

I love to meditate and inspire others to get going with a powerful practice! I offer subtle one-to-one Meditation training, guidance, and reflection for individuals. My work is deep and grounded. I also offer inspirational Meditation keynotes for groups, away-days, seminars, workshops, and events.

Meditation is the direct experience of the mind. Observation of my mind has been part of my daily practice for twenty years now, and I can honestly say it has made this journey of being alive a far richer experience. I recommend it!

The subject of meditation often comes up when I am working with coaching clients. We sometimes develop a practice as a way of taming an overactive-worrying mind, and other times the practice is a pathway to help people reconnect with themselves and life. The usually-simple methods I teach come from rich and thorough Eastern wisdom traditions, but it isn't necessary to get deterred by their complexities and religious overtones. I have seen that meditation has many positive effects on well-being and outlook on life, and is generally a simple process. I generally teach Insight-Meditation or Meditations grounded in the Tantra tradition.

I have been cultivating ways to introduce and teach meditation as an ongoing part of our life coaching work together. I craft a Meditation methodology tailor-made to the lifestyles and needs of my clients. The teaching is being received very well, and I now have plenty of clients developing and deepening their daily practice. If you are a beginner you may find the following video useful How to meditate for beginners this video details some tips for honing your meditation practice.

Photo by Eylon IsraelLearning to meditate is a personal journey that is undertaken slowly and over time. It starts simply, and with experience, that simplicity gets ever more subtle. Rather than learning to play the piano, it requires that you make available quality time, and apply the right effort. Sometimes it is a slog, and other times there are breakthroughs. And like the piano, every stage is rich with insight and new understandings. Fundamentally, Meditation nurtures your ability to savor life, allowing you to “taste your life” wisely. It is a practice of poised alertness and not a removed trance.

As we settle into mediation, we are freed from the exhausting effects of mental chatter; doesn't that sound nice? The mind becomes concentrated and focussed. Afterward, we are calm and refreshed. It took me years to get to the point where my practice was not full of resistance; I could sit for 20mins and watch a million thoughts punching and rebelling at my very sitting there! It was not fun. But then... the elixir arrived, and now a day without a sitting is like a day without a hot shower and a nourishing breakfast.

My Meditation coaching approach has several levels to it.

  • At first we start with the basics of posture and sitting comfortably, slowly developing the skills of self-awareness and engaging with stillness.
  • As we move deeper we start to cultivate mindfulness and concentration. At which point we will have created a bedrock for movement towards tranquillity.
  • In more advanced levels we are then able to " play" around in stillness, developing deep insight into ourselves and the nature of existence. It is all a very personal experiment.

The joy is that at any or every level we will always bring something peaceful back to the world; to share with others. A peaceful centered Mum and an aware un-agitated boss undoubtedly make the world a better place; nobody needs to be machine-gunned with reactive drama that many will see playing out daily at home, work, or on the bus. Meditation helps you get there.


Try this in a minute...

Sit comfortable, wherever you are right now, and allow your eyes to travel around your space. Thoughts are not needed here. Don’t think about whatever you see. Just look. Take it all in, the shapes, the light, the shadows, the colors, movement, stillness. Notice the relationships of whatever you are looking at. Look all around, slowly. No labels. No judgments. Just observation. And any thoughts that come along. Let them go. Did you notice anything? Really?



As an aside, few people enjoy the company of individuals whose attitudes are persistently negative. Do you know any of those?  Perhaps even you? Yet many of us tolerate the critical chatter that can originate within our minds. Since we are so used to the stream of self-limiting, critical consciousness that winds its way through our thoughts, we are often unaware of the impact these musings have on our lives. These musings become the script from which the movie that is our life is produced. It is only when we become aware of the power of such thoughts that we can divest ourselves of them. Using Meditation and paying careful attention to thinking patterns, you may be surprised at the negativity found there. But when we take notice of involuntary thoughts in a nonjudgmental way, we initiate a healing process that will eventually allow us to replace intimidating and upsetting self-talk with positive, empowering thoughts. You become a "nice" person and everybody loves you because you are nice, or leaves you because they don't want to hang out with nice people! (PS by nice I mean a person who lives with a compassionate loving heart, as opposed to one who lives from closed-heartedness fear)

I am also a fan, practitioner, and teacher of more esoteric meditation, including Mindfulness Meditation, TM, Tantra-Mantra, Chakra meditations, and Tantra meditation. You can learn more about developing your Chakra meditation practice here.

As we get to know ourselves, we can take responsibility for ourselves and our process of change; if we don’t we are largely at the mercy of whatever life brings. The universe happens to us. Meditation is a delicious way to enhance our lives and well-being. As a teacher, I meditate such that I have more to give my clients, and as a Meditation teacher I can help my clients do the same with people that they touch in their own lives. It forms a cornerstone of my teachings that take people toward Peace, Passion, and Purpose. You may also be interested in going to a Meditation Retreat

Take up the challenge of confident life meaning discovery. Using a safe and supportive foundation of trust, freedom of expression, and commitment, I always work to help you explore your inner being, regain balance in your personal and working life, and align with your life meaning,  true values, and fullest potential. Using a stimulating face-to-face, phone support, and email program customized to fit your current personal development needs, my coaching focuses on your inner guidance, purpose, skills, beliefs, techniques, and processes necessary to take you into a great future.  If you have more questions about life coaching get in touch using the contact details above.

I partner with intelligent, successful people who want to excel at their passion, gifts, and unique talents in a way that brings them success, happiness, and balance. Otherwise, do what you always did and you will get what you always got!

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