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Life Coaching for Women

Being a woman is fantastic in today's world, isn’t it?



It’s your choice as to whether you are an independent and self-reliant woman or a traditional woman at home with children. You can even do both -- It's your choice. You can do any kind of job you are physically capable of doing -- It's your choice. What a total sense of freedom. It's absolutely exhilarating when you think about it. You can be logical or analytical, or you can be totally emotional, or a combination of both -- It is your choice. You can be forward and ask a man out or you can stand back and wait for him to make the first move. It's your choice!

But then there's your gorgeous emotions and no doubt plenty of drama... and maybe some jealousy, poor boundaries... and probably some insecurity; not to mention the endless anxiety about appearances. But hey, you can handle it. You are a WOMAN!

Your life as a woman is shaped by your conditioning and cultural role models as well as the plethora of choices that you have made thus far in your journey. On what basis did you make those choices? Out of fear, feeling small, poor boundaries or pleasing others? A woman’s potential opens up when she becomes more conscious of the choices she makes in her life.

The Dalai Lama told us a few years back that the world would be saved by Western Women. Do you feel a calling to be a different kind of woman in this world? To evolve and co-create a different future? I can help you discover an authentic, integral feminine power as a woman. I can help you realize your own unique gifts to make the biggest impact; become a force of nature woman! I can help you explore the relationship between evolving yourself and contributing to our world. Or perhaps the support you need is just to get through another week of being super-human.

Meet the Coach! You may find my Life Coaching for Women Video of interest,


Working with a Male Life Coach

Let me meet you in the moment with who you are and where you're at. I will be spontaneous, intuitive and deep listening. Listening to you beyond how your self-image listens to yourself; listening beyond the words you use. I shall track and stalk what you are not hearing, what you are ignoring or refusing in your own being.

I will invite you to deeply fall in love with yourself as I know that this is your biggest challenge. 

As you may have noticed, I am not a woman!

But over the years I have successfully worked with thousands of women. Our work has spanned personal changes, spiritual changes and professional changes. I believe there is a powerful advantage for women to work with a male life coach. An emotionally-intelligent trusted male-energy without vested-interest has a great deal to offer the fairer-sex. I can help you bring clarity, structure and a can-do attitude to whatever life changes you are making. The pastoral role that I provide to women is utterly unique. As a supportive confidant I can help you bring perspective to your life and your life situation.

What about your Career?

photo by Nathan CsonkaIs that over-analysing, ever caring nature of yours getting you lost and stuck? Or are you up against Mars-Venus communication challenges in your workplace? Perhaps it is time to stop wearing too many hats, it’s time to define some priorities and create work-life balance?

Together we can take a step out of whatever “story” you are running, we can take a deep and honest look at your current situation, we can explore what is possible. Then we can confidently put in place a structured and supported plan to make something new happen. I can help you amp-up your work trajectory or greatly simplify it. I can help you get started in life.

What about having a Family?

The perennial question of should you have children can be explored. Let us get in touch with your heart, your deepest aspiration, your deepest knowing of “I have found the right partner”. I can help you get really honest with this one. Or maybe you haven't found the man of your dreams yet, or you've found him but there ain't no sex? What to do?

And for working Mum’s that are feeling guilty, I can also help you discern if you should you be spending more time with your children?

What about being an Entrepreneur or Mumpreneur?

Time to escape the city? I have worked with many entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs and women who are fed-up with the nine to five mill, women who have decided to break out and set up by themselves. Perhaps the prospect of persuing an independent path is daunting, I can help you make that happen.

I can help you identify and refine your brilliant business idea, put in place a plan to make it happen, and then support you to make it a success. You will be taken seriously. We will nullify your gremlins and instil confidence so that you can follow your dreams.

Mother Earth needs more spiritually aware caring WOMEN entrepreneurs. The world is changing and women have so much positivity to bring to the world. I believe that a caring, emotionally intelligent feminine nature can radically and successfully compete in any market place.

What about your Self-Worth and Confidence?

As daughters of a rather broken male-driven society, there's no wonder that so many women have self-worth issues. The truth is YOU have so much to offer the world. I can help you re-affirm your self-worth, I can help you value your capabilities and to build confidence... No hurdle is too big!

Join me to do some breakthrough work. You can begin to discover a deeper motivation for life that is the impulse of evolution itself. You can free yourself from inner conflicts by identifying your conditioned patterns of behavior (many behaviours have ancestral roots) that pull you in different directions. Realize that you can be free from the incessant need for outside affirmation and stand strong in the part of you that is already liberated.

Maybe the first lesson you can learn is that it is OK to ask for help! And help is right here.

What about looking after yourself?

Your first job is to claim yourself. Claiming yourself is an inside job. Have you ever read the famous quote from Marianne Williamson: We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?  Does that quote resonate with you? But so many women find it hard to fully stand in their true essence and innate power as women; perhaps blaming the patriarchal system or our culture. But what if YOU are the one standing in the way of the changes you so deeply desire - both in yourselves and in the world around you?

photo by Katie TegtmeyerMaybe you have convinced yourself that you are a super woman and found it is a myth or maybe caring-too-much has got you into a self-deprecating corner that you cannot find your way out of? I can help you understand what YOUR heart really values, what really matters to you. I can then help you say NO, to set boundaries or make changes that will allow yourself to re-invent, re-blossom.

The truth is that the barriers we experience are invisible ones that live inside of us. We may not even know they are there, but they have a tremendous impact on our lives. And until we are willing to identify and move through those barriers, creating change at the most profound levels of our being, we won't be able to truly live our greatest future, not to mention create a new world. 

Whether it is accessing your Goddess nature, allowing yourself to be a receiver rather than giver, or simply making a plan where the focus is on YOU, I can help.

Many of my clients are hard working, productive, intelligent capable women living full-lives. They are in-tune with their growth and are always interested in strategies to be more purposeful, passionate and peaceful. They use our coaching relationship as an effective, challenging, positive way to deal with life's dips, lulls, uncertainties and energy drains. Together we evolve juicy strategies to continue feeling worthy and alive. I partner with intelligent women who want to excel at their passions, gifts and talents in a way that brings them success, life balance and happiness. Give me a call today so we can discuss ways that I can help. 

A philosophy of working with the inner masculine and feminine principles

A woman in love with herself is very sexy, very attractive. If you want to call in a strong, powerful masculine presence then practice deeply surrendering into your feminine.

The following quote from Bentinho Masaro points to some of the underlying philosophy that I like to bring to life when I am working deeply with women.

For your own well-being's sake--I wish you could beat yourselves to your own race to take back the feminine power by no longer trying to. The battle to reclaim your independence is based on the masculine suppression to begin with. The longer you try to win this war the longer you keep yourself slave to its illusion. You don't need to take back anything; you never lost your beauty, power or independence. So don't waste your precious energy.

Just relax, trust in life, don't stand up for yourself "against" someone else any longer, just start living passionately in love and radiance and let the guys who are not out to hurt you not suffer for the old generation of blokes that out of ignorance suppressed your grandmothers 60 years ago. (Rare cases excluded - present day domestic violence etc.) Don't bring the previous generation into the next please. Embrace your true power by not having to prove it any longer, for as long as you feel you have to prove it to anyone you're still not believing you are powerful enough simply being who you are.

The true feminine is the embodiment of flow, radiance and surrender. Her strength lies in her inner confidence and her connection with trust and faith itself. You're not making life better for anyone trying to stand up against the masculine, or the past. Just be the feminine, be god, be you. Period. Unless you're truly not the feminine type (we're all a mixture anyway), regardless, just be who you are and stop fearing the loss of your independence. Find your true power in being you.

You are loved by Existence, and there is a whole new generation of conscious dudes out there who are wanting to embrace the beauty of your natural feminine nature. Let go of the past, for the sake of your own alignment and the ease of your present-day relationships.

Take back your power by realizing you had never lost it to anyone in the first place. You are originally independent and powerful; male or female. Just be spirit in human form and find your freedom in that ease and simplicity.

Stop tiring your body out trying to prove something to someone and let your beauty shine free of defense. Be an example of a next-generation, integrated female radiator.


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