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Life Coaching for Forty somethings

If you are unhappy
AND your unhappiness is limiting your life
AND you are ready to live a Passionate, Purposeful and Peacful life
THEN welcome to Great Life Coach, YOU are in the right place!

Sparkle Don't Fade

forty Our mid-life is a clarifying time, a time for introspection, a time when we realise that we must establish meaning and purpose in our lives. We have grown, prospered and perhaps stagnated on the life foundation we laid over the last twenty years of our working lives and we now live off the bitter and sweet fruits of the choices we have made. Maybe you can feel an inner-knowingness that something needs to change.

Maybe you don't know what to believe anymore, what to trust or who you are? What to change though? Maybe its a big change or a few small ones. A career change, a relationship change, or its time to stop kidding ourselves? In our 40's our habitual rut is etched deep and change may feel impossible.

Adulthood comprises of many phases of being, each phase involves a shift of identity and the opportunity of a breakthrough into a larger self.

This is the true joy in life, being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one: being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances, complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. (GB Shaw)

Is your Comfort Zone no longer Comfortable?

image by webtreatsFortified in the safety of our comfort-zone, many of us choose to ignore or numb the aspects ourselves that are urging us to make changes. When we were younger, we shot for the stars and experienced much of what this beautiful world has to offer and perhaps wrestled with the ineffable aspects of our spirituality. For many though, unhappiness, depression, stress and imbalance permeate our lives. Maybe you feel just feel disconnected. Maybe you are in the a profound and troubling meltdown that comes in midlife when you perceive that your personal trajectory is no longer arcing reliably upward as it once did.

Are the free YouTube videos not working?  If you could do it on your own, you would have! Maybe I am your messenger. Most people can't handle what they need to hear, they'd rather bury their heads in the sand. That's what an investment in great life coaching does for you, it creates your opening to hear your Truth. The truth is often uncomfortable.

You truly want to change? You've got to get in touch with your Truth. The coaching investment creates receptivity and keeps you there. Ask for help, receive my help and take responsibility

The Dalai Lama has this to say ... "...sacrifice your health in order to make money. Then you sacrifice money to recuperate your health. Then you are so anxious about the future that you don't enjoy the present: the result being that you do not live in the present or the future; you live as if you are never going to die, and then you die having never really lived." ... It doesn't have to be that way!

Unhappiness is the cue to embark on a new path; I can help you discover a path that is optimum for YOU. Over the next few months we can work together that take a deep look at your life situation. We can identify the opportunities for change and the opportunities to assert boundaries. Maybe the opportunity to start dating again! We can establish exactly what you would like the next decade to look like and we can deploy a solid plan to get you there.

As we enter and begin to face the second half of our lives, we all have the opportunity to face our mortality and this brings up existential issues.

What have I accomplished in my life?
What do I have yet to accomplish?
What might I never accomplish?
What will I leave behind?
What kind of person have I been and what kind of person do I want to be?
Does my life have meaning? 
Maybe its time to start a meditation practice. Perhaps a mid-life crisis appears.

"In the space between stories, we don't know how to navigate. The ways in which we once related to the world are no longer sufficient to the challenges we face, whether as individuals or as a species. Eventually, a new story is born to guide us, to provide meaning again, to give us a narrative structure that tells us who we are, where we are going, what is important, what is right, and how the world works. The new story follows and reinforces a new state of being." (C Eisenstein)

If not Now, When?

Success and applause are pleasantly reassuring, but alas they are often too brief and difficult to maintain. Yesterday you were irreplaceable; today someone else has taken your seat. And after every fantastic far away holiday, you always have to come back home, where your dream car, or what is left of it, awaits you. (Oldegberts)

Time is ticking. Life is beautiful. I can help you find Passion, Purpose, Confidence and Peace in your life.

Now is the time to tune into your essence, discover your true self, design your perfect future and confidently change for the better. Get in Touch today and we can discuss my approach and the many ways that I can help you get back on track.


Self-Help Resources for Folks in their Forties

I'd love to work deeply with you. I have worked with many people in their 40's and I've built an understanding of some core life-secrets that can allow you to develop a trajectory towards more Purpose, more Passion, more Connection and more Peace in your life during that powerful decade...

But if life is calling you to go-it-alone right now, then you may find the following lower-investment DIY resources useful. And of course it goes without saying, if you need any help or reflection along the way, do give me a call even if its just for an hour!

Personal Development

Here are a few books that I really enjoyed. Use these texts to stir up your self-reflection and build some perspective on how you are living your life.

If you feel blocked by your past, then do give this a read.

Byron Katie woke up on the floor of a halfway house, at a complete dead end in her life, and began to laugh. She had woken up without any concept of who, where, or what she was. She awoke to the fundamental, luminous state of being that is without any separation, that experiences itself as pure love. Like great spiritual masters from many traditions, she knew she had reached the end of confusion and suffering. That was the moment she burst into laughter. Determined to give people a way to discover for themselves what she had realized, Katie developed a simple method of self-enquiry that she called The Work, a life-transforming system for discarding the stories we tell ourselves, which are the source of suffering, and replacing them with the truth ("what is") and a life of total joy. She began teaching The Work wherever she was invited - at first in small, informal gatherings and eventually to packed workshops around the world. The Work consists of only four simple questions that you can apply to any problem. It is so easy and practical - but also profound in its application.

If you'd like support with any of the Work that Byron explores do give me a call and we can drill into them big-time.


In my life coaching work we often take a good look at Shadow. Those parts of ourselves that we've buried, the parts of ourselves that are not seen, the blind spots. Yet those parts of ourselves still have a big influence on our adult-lives. If you've never taken a good look at your own shadow before, your forties are great time to do it! You may like to take a good look at this self-help course. The Shadow Course is an eight–week transformational learning experience with two of my favourite life-skills teachers.

Alarmed by the unconsciousness in our world today, Caroline and Andrew joined forces to create this in-depth journey. Think of it as a guide to uncovering what you don’t know about yourself so you can come into alignment with your true power and purpose.

Of course, it’s not easy to see what we don’t want to see about ourselves. There is a reason we turn away from certain truths and that our greatest inner treasures often remain hidden. The Shadow Course offers a journey of self-confrontation, one that requires courage, truth-telling, and a willingness to grow. This is “a holy adventure.”

My life coaching work encourages you to walk an Authentic path in life. You can only be authentic if you fully accept who you are. This online resource presents insights and guidances on ways you can fully accept yourself.


The Life Wisdom Matrix

I'm in the top 3% of people on our planet, those who live with inner success & inner happiness, and I can show you how to get there too! You cannot change the past but you can and will change the present. When that happens, you attract better possibilities for your future. A fruitful future where everything you wish and hope for will begin to happen.

Here is a low cost online life coaching program that may be of interest -- The Life Wisdom Matrix - Do you want to be the 3% that succeed... Or the 97% that fails? Let me get you into the 3% club! If you are ready to GROW YOUR LIFE and GROW YOUR BUSINESS.


Dream Life Mastery

Discover The Cutting-Edge ‘Mind Transformation’ Method For Creating A Life You LOVE Living --  Dream Life Mastery

Perhaps its time to go on a Spiritual, Yoga or Meditation Retreat? Take a look at this Self Help Resource and see if you can find a retreat that fits youyr circumstances.Spiritual Retreat

Panic Attacks and Anxiety

From time to time I work with people who have Panic attacks or Anxiety. You may like to check out this resource for some DIY methods for overcoming Panic attacks and Anxiety.

Resources for the Good Times

Ohhhh Dorset! I have spent so many beautiful hours walking in your countryside. Perhaps now is the time to arrange a recharge getaway. Sometimes plonking yourself into a new environment, surrounded by people from all walks of life is a great way to start your inner journey.

Take your journal, do the 60-Minutes-to-a-New-You exercise and go on an Adventure in Dorset!


I love to savour a finely crafted bottle of wine. You may like to convivially enjoy a some wine (while in Dorset!). Take a look at this fine-wine merchant.

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Well-Being - Look after your Body

Health and well-being is often explored in a coaching relationship. When clients are readying themselves to make tangible changes in their lives, I like to encourage people to move towards the best version of themselves (why wouldnt you?). If you are on a DIY personal development program, improving your wellbeing is a pre-requisite.


Vitabiotics has manufactured innovative health care products for over 30 years. A British company committed to human health and research. Vitabiotics has created a unique portfolio of products at the forefront of scientific developments in key sectors, including nutrition and women's health. Vitabiotics manufacture some of the best known health products from the high street, including Wellman, Jointace, and immuneace.

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