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60 Minutes to Plan the New You - Free Coaching Worksheet

I am pleased to offer this simple personal development resource for freeeee!

newyouAre you unhappy, but not sure exactly why? Are you interested in life-coaching but unsure what to focus on? You should give this worksheet a try... It comprises of a simple series of questions that go right to the heart of the matter. In less than one hour you will have come up with all the areas of your life that could do with a fix, tune-up or transformation. Sign up for the worksheet right now by entering your email below :)



Thank you for your interest in my life coaching worksheet 60 Minutes to Plan a New You. I have prepared this worksheet to help you evaluate the areas in your life that you feel would make a difference to your life situation. Invest up to 60 minutes to discover what you could change in your life to move towards happiness.

The innovative 60 Minutes to Plan a New You worksheet includes a free subscription my inspiring Personal Development Newsletter. My newsletter is published occasionally and is usually packed with articles, tips and ideas for enhancing your life. In the coming few weeks I shall also let you know about Life Coaching Special Offers.

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