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What types of Life Coaching do you offer?

Start your Great Life today!  I currently offer you the following ways of working together.

  • Face-to-Face Coaching
  • Mini-Intensive, ad-hoc and quickie life coaching
  • Phone, Skype, and Email Coaching
  • Individual Life Purpose Intensive

Coaching can be ad-hoc on a PAYG basis or it can be structured over several months. Most coaching relationships are around 6-10 sessions. But I have many clients who I have worked with for YEARS! But as always, YOU CHOOSE a rhythm and intensity that works for you.

Every Life Coach will agree that open communication is at the heart of effective coaching. Only a fraction of our total brain capacity is dedicated to verbal communication. Indeed, the vast majority of our communication with others is nonverbal, and a huge percentage of what our brains perceive in communication with others is focused (even without our being aware) on the nonverbal signals. To that end, to deliver the premium quality of coaching that I pursue, face-to-face communication is initially essential.  If you are ready, I would suggest that we embark on a face-to-face arrangement that may optionally be followed by telephone/email work that is as intensive as you require.

Face-to-Face coaching

CoachAtWork1If you live or commute in the Greater London area, face-to-face sessions are the most effective way for me to work with you. Venue and time can be flexibly arranged to work within your special requirements. 

Your first session will be dedicated to a review of your present situation and getting to know each other. If we then mutually decide to work together we will arrange an initial commitment - usually for the first series of four sessions, and then subsequently by mutual agreement. Typically each session lasts for an hour and is flexibly scheduled for a specific time each week. My standard rates are posted elsewhere on this website. I also offer a mini-intensive format that may be suitable in some situations.

Coaching relationships are customized to the needs of my clients. I have found that longer sessions are needed from time to time to deal with deeper aspects of the coaching agenda, these are arranged on a pro-rata basis.

Free initial coaching consultation

If when we meet we do not decide to form a coaching relationship, this initial consultation is Free! No obligation. Nothing to lose! Contact me via the web or call me on 0845 402 1850 to arrange an initial consultation.

Phone and Email Coaching

I have found that this approach is most effective when combined with several initial sessions of face-to-face work, allowing us to build trust, respect, and commitment together.  Effective, communication is, after all, substantially more than just talking to each other!  Get in touch and we can design telecoaching / phone sessions from there.

Individual Life Purpose Intensive

Excited? If you would like to go through Life Purpose Coaching quickly, I can arrange an individual intensive, where you go through the program in two or three days. We schedule two or three sessions per day, and you spend the rest of the time reading and contemplating.  This program would suit people from outside London. This is intensive! Contact me via the web to enquire about joining my email coaching program.


I am happy to design custom seminars for teams and organizations to tackle a wide range of motivational and performance issues. I am available for seminars and public speaking on a varied range of topics.

Contact us now to arrange your initial consultation. An open honest and completely confidential phone conversation will show you how life coaching can help you get more out of your life. There is no obligation - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Contact me via the web or call me to discuss and schedule my custom seminars.


UK life coaching

Coaching Worksheet

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Face-to-Face Life Coaching in London and by telephone UK and Worldwide.

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