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Life Coaching - Investing in your Self

Life Coaching is fundamentally an opportunity to invest in yourSelf. The investment, discovery and effort that you make today can change your life for the better, for ever.  Investing in your life in the now, is the only opportunity you will ever have to make tangible changes for the better. If you change nothing, nothing will change. 

Coaching is not expensive if you look at it as an investment in creating a better life for yourself, especially in a culture where most of the time we spend money on consumables and quick-fix pleasures like movies, another bottle of wine and gadgets.  How much did you spend on your escapism holiday last year ... £1,000, £2,000, £3,000? Why not invest some money in yourself that can create a lasting change in your life?  Working with a life coach is a valuable experience.

When things go terribly wrong in our lives, we pay good money to doctors and lawyers to correct the situation (after the event), why not invest in life coaching as a way to improve how you feel about life while things are going right!

At this time my face-to-face coaching sessions in and around central London run at 60 minutes. My fees for new clients are £180 per session.


I will travel to a venue of your choice... (So no travel time on your part if you have a busy schedule). My coaching style is intense and unique.  Longer sessions can be arranged on a pro-rated basis.  It is hard to accomplish very much in shorter sessions (like the 40 - 50 minutes that some coaches offer), particularly in the early stages of a coaching alliance.  I also offer two-hour mini-intensive sessions. 

My telecoaching sessions are typically 60 minutes long, and are currently offered at a discount rate of £120 per session.

Premium Life Coaching?

My Life coaching capabilities are utterly unique.  My coaching style is not tempered by an out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all, did-a-quick-coaching-course, hobby-farmer approach.  I design custom programs for each of my clients that will benefit from years of personal journeying into various wisdom traditions and eclectic life-experience. 

My work is very effective. I coach face-to-face at a location of your choice.  I am very flexible. No demanding binding contracts. 

I blend entrepreneurship, yoga-philosophies, meditation, empowerment techniques, laughter, listening, a razor sharp mind and love in my work. If you are serious about changing your life for the better... work with an experienced coach why give yourself anything less?

Are the free YouTube videos not working?  If you could do it on your own, you would have! Maybe I am your messenger. Most people can't handle what they need to hear, they'd rather bury their heads in the sand. That's what an investment in great life coaching does for you, it creates your opening to hear your Truth. The truth is often uncomfortable.

You truly want to change? You've got to get in touch with your Truth. The coaching investment creates receptivity and keeps you there. Ask for help, receive my help and take responsibility.  Speak soon x

UK life coaching

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