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Life Coaching - I am too Busy

Think about your day.  How did you spend your time today?  How much of your time was devoted to moving yourself towards your dreams?  How much time was spent giving, helping or influencing others?  How much time and money was spent on short-term quick-fix pleasures? How much of your time counted towards being in a state of happiness?  For most of us life is unconsciously given away in a manner that is not conducive to reaching our life goals of happiness, balance and fulfilment.  Why is this?  Against a modern backdrop where most people in our culture have a home, good food on the table and money to spend on life's pleasures, then surely it makes great sense to also invest time and energy in getting the most from life and living in a state of confident life-awareness. Believe me it is worth it!

Metaphorically speaking, If you do not put aside time to "look after the goose and sharpen the saw", then the goose will stop laying eggs and the saw will grow dull and stop cutting wood.

If words like hectic, busy, booked up, stressed, overwhelmed are in your vocabulary then it is probably time to STOP; and make time for your Self.  Time to take stock of where you are at, how happy you are, how you feel. (Try that right now... stop everything, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths, go inside, and ask yourself.  How do I truly feel?). Create the time to concertedly make sure that you are on course.  In many ways if your life is so filled, having a personal life coach to encourage, nurture, support, force and coerce you into spending time with your Self is an ideal way to proceed.  Give it a try!  Fore some folks, a one-off Mini-Intensive session may be more suitable.

How many times have you heard our elders speak of regret?  Missing the kids growing up? Spending a lifetime with a company only to be laid off with no thanks etc.  We can learn from these statements, we do not have to live that way anymore.  Make every moment count. Remember also that Balance in our lives is imperative, a great deal of my coaching is focussed on helping people attain balance in their lives. Also you may like to consider how aware you are about what you did today.  Did you use your intuition today?

Many of my clients lead very rich, bustling, effective wealthy lives.  I make great efforts to design custom coaching programs that dovetail with their schedules and deliver on their needs.

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