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Religion, Spirituality and Life Coaching

My religion is the same as that tree over there.

This question gets asked a lot, and is an important foundation of any coaching practice. I am not a religious or devotional person. I am not affiliated with any religious organisation or cult. I have successfully worked with folks of many faiths including Christians, Spiritual, Catholics, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Agnostic and Atheistic. I subscribe to a live-and-let-live approach to life, each to their own, just keep asking questions looking for the Truth. I am a spiritual person and the teachings of several great wisdom traditions (Yoga, Tantra, Advaita, Buddhist Teachings in particular) does form a backdrop to my work. I do believe in a power that might be described as God, divinity, soul, spirit, higher-power etc. (the label is not important).  That higher power is every one of us.  It is outside every one of us. We are it. It is everything. We are all equal, all beautiful, shining, powerful beings.

Life coaching is a spiritual practice -- if you want it to be. (The labels are not important). I am happy to work with atheists, religious people, spiritual people or people who do not know what to believe anymore. Don't worry I do not use crystals or dream-catchers!

Remember, do not resist life, it all just is.  I AM in the ISness of everything. I am happy to get philosophical.

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