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I would be ashamed of working with a life coach

Ashamed of Coaching

Interestingly, you would not be alone in feeling ashamed of making an effort to honour your Self. Many people feel embarrassed about challenging themselves and making tangible changes while improving their life situation -- what will family and friends think? Sadly a great deal of social, educational and parental conditioning is stacked against honouring the needs of the True Self.  Don't worry!  I will support you through this state of mind and start you down the path of self-empowerment.

This state of mind can be overcome.  Using a safe and supportive foundation of trust, freedom of expression and commitment we can work together to help you achieve your desired outcome.  The needs of family and friends will be evaluated as appropriate, but your own needs come first. The discreet and confidential nature of our working relationship will allow you to tell family and friends about your new found power and plans, at the right time, in a supported manner.  You must remember that most things in life are accomplished inter-dependently with the help of others -- so working to get your friends and loved ones to support you in your efforts to create a better life for yourself is also a very important consideration.  As always balance is needed, balance that can be nurtured with your coach.

Being authentically aware of your self purpose is the foundation of your stunning personal power. Power that drives your talent for certainty, allows you to conquer small projects and will create exactly the future that you dream of and ask for. Think about that statement for a moment, what is there to be ashamed of!  Wow what an opportunity! Get in touch, there will be a soft landing when we meet!

Special Needs

Occasionally people have unusual, tense, difficult, overpowering or overwhelming home-situations.  I am happy to accommodate your needs in this regard and can coach you towards success, balance and happiness in a customised fashion that fits your needs in terms of coaching style, location and objectives. I am not able to work with people who have seriouse psychiatric conditions.

Luxury of coaching

Think about your day.  How did you spend your time today? How much of your time was devoted to moving yourself towards your dreams?  How much time was spent giving, shining, helping or influencing others?  How much time and money was spent on short-term quick-fix pleasures? How much of your time counted towards being in a state of happiness?  For most of us life is unconsciously spent in a way that is not conducive to reaching our goals of happiness, balance and fulfilment.  Why is this?  Against a modern backdrop where most people in our culture have a home, good food on the table and money to spend on life's pleasures, then surely it makes great sense to also invest time and energy in getting the most from life and living in a state of confident life-awareness. 

In times of duress we turn to doctors and lawyers to help us.  Then why not in times of good fortune, turn to a life coach for guidance and help!  In a world where we spend time and money on throw-away pleasures and happiness quick-fixes, investing time and money in your True Self makes great sense... coaching is not a luxury!  Tongue in cheek, I have analysed the word luxury for you!


  1. Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort -- Coaching is not essential, living your life to the full is! Coaching is conducive to pleasure and comfort.
  2. Something expensive or hard to obtain -- Expense is a relative term, what is the real cost of spending your life climbing the wrong ladder in a state of unbalanced unhappiness?  Coaching is not hard to obtain -- you have already found it!
  3. Sumptuous living or surroundings -- If your dreams lead you this way, then great!  It may surprise you that many clients already live that way and use coaching to navigate their way towards simpler more natural surroundings!



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