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10 Myths about Life Coaching

The life coaching profession has been developing its own mythology over the past ten years.

Here is my current top ten, in no particular order!

  1. There aren't usually quick fixes - A life coach is unlikely to sort you out instantly. 
  2. Change takes work and you are the one that's got to do it. 
  3. One size fits all - we are all different. It is important to go with the intuitive feel of a coach. 
  4. Accreditation means effective? - you can get a certificate in a weekend. I have coached thousands of people for thousands of hours... And I'm still learning. 
  5. More sessions with a cheaper coach is more effective - would you like one ride in a Ferrari or several in a vauxhall? 
  6. Men should work with men and women with women - often having perspectives from the opposite sex is powerful. 
  7. Lifecoaching is a get rich quick scheme - Ha
  8. The best way to find a coach is through a referral - Many peeps are secretive about having a coach, so they probably won't tell you about their good thing. 
  9. It takes several sessions to get anywhere - I will give you new tools and perspectives within 4 minutes and 2 seconds of working together. 
  10. Change is frightening - supported change with a coach is thrilling.

Let me know if you know any more...

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