We are living in a culture of narcissism where many people are self-obsessed and frankly it really isn't okay to be ordinary. The self-help industry and subliminal media tells us that we have to be a fabulous superstar. I am convinced that shame is the main driver here. Our fear of being ordinary is a shame trigger. That shame drives us to be flash and have more, more, more. And the earth suffers.

Ask a dying person what they miss the most… It would probably be those little ordinary moments, kids playing, husband trying to dance, a tender kiss, the stuff of life.

by Sonneblume

I was doing some deep work with a client last week where we were exploring simplicity and the dialogue moved onto Ordinariness.

I felt to share the essence of our discussion as it is a fast track to peace.

Is it okay to be an ordinary person?

Being ordinary, being really comfortable being ordinary?

Ordinariness where there isn't anything that has to be done, where there is nothing to prove to anyone; where you aren't ashamed of being ordinary.

Think about that for a moment how would your day and year be different if you were completely at ease being ordinary.

How can you be more ordinary and foster an ease of ordinariness? I have no doubt that such ordinariness leads to a wholehearted and extraordinary life.